It increases the demand for the solutions offered by aesthetic medicine

It increases the demand for the solutions offered by aesthetic medicine

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The sector of aesthetic medicine is booming in Spain.

It increases the demand for the solutions offered by aesthetic medicine

According to data from the Study of Socio-economic Impact and Penetration of the Aesthetic Medicine in Spain commissioned by the Spanish Society of aesthetic Medicine (SEME) to an external consultant (Hamilton), in January of 2017, 30.5% of the population had ever used the services of Aesthetic Medicine, which represents a growth in 4 years of 8 percentage points compared to the 22.8 per cent of the survey of December 2012.

What are the factors that influence the growth of the demand?

The introduction of products technologically advanced that allow aesthetic solutions that are minimally invasive is identified as the driver of growth with more influence.

For the people in which their age makes them feel the effect of gravity on the face, the new procedure Ultherapy (ultrasound microenfocado that lifts and tightens the skin), or therapies based on light (IPL or light pulse intense) or the more advanced laser treatments, they claim to have reached a level so advanced that, in conjunction with the dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, according to the latest reports, you can avoid facelifts for up to a decade without going under the knife or even avoid it forever.

Are you incorporating the millennials to this trend?.

In the last two or three years have seen an increase in the popularity of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, with the generations of the Millennial and Baby Boomer that are now flocking to clinics to retouch the nose, the chin or the ears.

It is an important change in the time, was once focused almost exclusively on Baby Boomers and even their parents who seek to reverse the effects of aging.

Now we have patients from the 30 and even 20 years and, yes, the adolescents, at least in terms of in landfills lipsticks, think they may have the super lips of Kylie Jenner.

In EE.U.S. consumption of botulinum toxin among young people aged between 19 and 34 years increased by 87 percent between 2011 and 2016, and in the past year increased by 31 per cent with regard to 2015. Of the $ 15 billion that americans spent on surgical procedures and non-surgical, 44 percent correspond to procedures such as Botox and therapies based on the light.

The Millennials accounted for 18 percent of the total number of treatments performed.

The studies carried out in Spain reflect the desire of customers for more age in the medical esthetic treatments is to improve your image in a natural way, without notice, without changing its appearance. Represent the successfully defended 48.8% and Those who want to feel better represent 28.4%.

In contrast, the new group that is incorporated to the consumption of these products is the more young and looking for the opposite, that they noticed your change, you notice your lips, your nose or your cheekbones, what they want is to change your appearance, but don’t want permanent changes, today want to look like this, because it is a trend, but are aware that trends change and they will change with them.

What is happening in Spain with the consumption of Aesthetic Medicine?

By sex, this percentage increased in men by 11.1% in December 2012 and 18.4% in January 2017, a 35.3 per cent December 2012 and 42.9% in in January of 2017 in women.

The trends are similar to the rest of most advanced countries, considering data of reference by the end of 2012, is to increase the penetration of facial treatments, of 13.1% to 20.4% in 2017, followed by the body treatments, with an increase of 14.6 % to 19.7%.

With less demand of time, but also on the rise, are the hair treatments, which passed from 7% to 9%, and anti-aging, that 2% have reached 7.8% in 2017.

In summary, the most demanded by the users of Aesthetic Medicine in 2017 are the facial with a 67% and the body with 65%. Hair treatments and antiaging have a lower demand, with 29% and 26% respectively.

How do we see the Future of the Aesthetic Medicine?

The increase of a non-invasive solution, of immediate effect and of effect reversible will be the big trends of the next few months.

With respect to the solutions capillaries, each time we’ll see more discrepancies and disruptive solutions, but with a clear trend to make the hair one axis of personality of the individuals.

To more long-term anti-ageing treatments will mark a before and an after, in this section we look for the one that offers us the medicine, both in prolonging life as well as in methods of reversibility of aging, the technology will have much to say.

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