What is different is the skin of men and women?

What is different is the skin of men and women?

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When it comes to skin, men and women, we differ quite a bit, and this has a determining influence on the way in which we age.

What is different is the skin of men and women?

In these recommendations, we try to explain in a simple way the main features that has our skin with respect to the other.

This has implications for the type of skin care that each of us must consider as the basic rules of personal care.

Qué debemos hacer diferente las mujeres y los hombres a diario para cuidarnos nuestra piel

How is the skin in men compared to women?

High levels of testosterone mean that men have 25% more of skin than women. Have a pore size larger and a stratum corneum thicker. The men’s skin also has more collagen, and age more gradually than the skin of women.

The men produce more fat on your skin due to their hormonal composition. This fat is an evolutionary heritage of the times of the apes when we all had facial hair and the fat was there to lubricate the hair growing in each follicle.

The higher levels of fat mean that men should use products that help control and balance the production of this fat, as are any products with salicylic acid.

Adult men have an apparent age average 10 years younger than women. This is due to a number of factors such as the increase in the density of collagen, the stratum corneum is thicker and their hormonal profiles.

Both men and women lose approximately 1% of its collagen from 20 years onwards. Men often lose their genetic advantage as they age because they don’t use SPF (sun protection factor), they do not protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Daily shaving can influence that men are more prone to damage by the sun because this practice removes the dead skin cells that protect immature cells from the sun.

Surprising as women in general are more aware of the effects of sun damage on the skin, so that men in general suffer more from the consequences of sun damage on your skin.

What should we do differently women and men on a daily basis to care for our skin?

For the care of the skin in the woman

  • PROTECTION: Use daily sunscreen protection: The most important investment you can make is to find a good SPF daily. UV rays are responsible for 90% of ageing due to external causes of the skin.

Don’t underestimate the number of years that the sun can add to your skin. It is the most harmful because it affects the DNA of the skin, reduces collagen and elastin, reduces the ability of the skin to a good moisturizing and causes damage to the deeper layers of the skin that cause sun spots and cancer. We can not stress enough how important it is to use SPF every day.

  • HYDRATION: well hydrated skin looks less wrinkled and aged. As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain water. Use moisturizers that have properties of binders to increase the water retention and are looking for the best products such as serums of hyaluronic acid pure to get good results.
  • COLLAGEN: from the age of 20, your levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid will decrease. As women reach menopause (the average age is 51 years in the Uk), these will decrease even more. Make sure you have a few good practices for the care of the skin from the age of 20, will that slow down the aging clock. Look for products with antioxidants (vitamin C and vitamin E are the most recommended), sunscreen (UVA and UVB), retinol (vitamin A) and hyaluronic acid. This will all help to protect the skin, repair cell damage, strengthen the skin and stimulate increased cellular renewal, which is always good.

Vitamin A (Retinol) is an excellent ingredient to improve the production of collagen and serum hyaluronic acid are excellent for the rapid hydration of the skin.

  • EXFOLIATION: Use an exfoliating acid (salicylic acid and glycolic acid are excellent choices), once every two weeks to remove the cellular debris of the skin and deeply cleanse the pores. This not only helps to combat acne and outbreaks hormonal, but it also helps to remove the dead cells of the skin that make it look opaque.

For the care of the skin of the man

  • PROTECTION: Use an SPF daily broad spectrum to help protect your skin from premature aging caused by sun damage.

The FPS daily is the golden rule to reduce the risk of skin cancer too, so don’t forget it. There really is no excuse today, since the majority of moisturizers for daytime are combined with sunscreen because we know how harmful are the UV rays.

  • SIMPLE GUIDELINES MAINTENANCE: we Know that men are not accustomed to maintain a routine in the care of the skin as well as women or simply do not believe, that simplicity is the key.

In the morning: it Cleans, moisturizes and protects from the sun.

Night: cleans, moisturizes and repairs.

  • ACNE: If you suffer from acne or even if you have occasional breakouts, use a product with salicylic acid to deeply cleanse your pores and reduce the inflammation and the redness.

You can be a true miracle to fight against spots and reduce oil levels of fat in the skin. It can also help to unlock the ingrown hairs caused by shaving.

  • SHAVING: Daily can cause irritation, there is no doubt. So make sure you give your skin all the help you can get using enough foam, or cream and a good razor blade to reduce friction and the chances of having ingrown hairs.

The exfoliation and the cleaning can help maintain the balance in the skin, so turn it into part of your standards of hygiene at least every two weeks.

Easy-to-work is doubly good.

In IDEI working to support a better knowledge and care of the skin.

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