3 lamps that you can make with recycled materials

We will show you 3 designs of lamps with recycled materials that you’re not going to believe that they are so simple to make. They look like the most sophisticated on the market once ready, and the investment that you will make will be minimal (and even no). Just need some disused materials, a little imagination.

A good lighting is very important in the decoration, but, above all, a premium on originality in the use of the materials. Which is why, today, you find thousands of designs of lamps recycled materials in the market. With this idea in mind we create our own designs in house.

Regardless of the skill you have with the craft, if you follow our instructions, you will not have any difficulty. We assure you that you will get a good result. On the other hand, we encourage you to give it your own touch of magic to your creations for the home.

Lámparas de cristales caseras.

3 ideas to prepare lamps of recycled materials

1. With crystals and sequins

This first idea of lamps recycled materials is modern and elegant at the same time. You can combine crystals of different shapes and sizes with sequins great.

The idea is that it’s a lamp with a lot of gloss to achieve a youthful ambiance and cheerful. You can place a bulb of yellow light dim, for a more romantic.

It should be noted that these lamps are beautiful in the bedroom, but also work in common rooms. You just need to play with your imagination and get hands on:


  • Crystals of shapes and sizes you want (174 units).
  • Circle of stiff cardboard 20 centimeters in diameter.
  • Sequin large (number you want).
  • CD into disuse (7).
  • Silver paint.
  • Nylon thread.
  • Gun and silicone.
  • Porta lamp.


  • First you take the cardboard circle and make a perforation in the middle of the size that has your porta lamp.
  • Then what you paint silver and let it dry.
  • Take a CD and break with hands into pieces rather large. Repeat with the other.
  • Stick these pieces into the cardboard leaving the silver bulb in sight. Leave some space between them, this will give the appearance of a mosaic mirror.
  • Now take the nylon thread and you are going to cut 20 strips. The first of 20 centimeters. and you’re going to rise 1 cm in each strip, until you finish.
  • Take the strip shorter (20 centimetres) and 9 crystals. These crystals have a hole. Takes one and passes around the thread and fixed to the bottom of it with silicone so it does not move.
  • Then add the remaining 8 in the same way and leave among them 1 inch apart.
  • Take the strip out of 21 centimeters and placed in the same way crystals. Only this time you’ll be gaining one. Will be 10 crystals.
  • The same operation, repeating with the rest of the strips. Always adding a glass more.
  • You can add sequins where desired. Subject always with silicone.
  • Once you have the strips ready, are you going to paste on the cardboard. Leaving the crystals hang.
  • You will begin with the strip shorter and then the one that follows in height. So to end.
  • You place your porta lamp and ready.
Lámparas con lentejuelas.

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2. With glass bottles

You’re not going to believe how simple it is to cut glass and make this cute layout of lamps from recycled materials. You can choose the bottles that you like in different colors, shapes and sizes and place them randomly in a corner of the house or on a table.

Once you start doing them will in any way encourage, more and more, because they are extremely simple, economical and are fabulous. Nobody will believe that lamps are recycled materials.


  • Bucket with cold water (3 liters).
  • Glass bottles (4 or 5).
  • Porta lamp.
  • Short glass.
  • Torch.
  • Clamp.
  • Sandpaper.


  • First you take the bottle and brand with your short glass around the diameter at the height you want to cut.
  • With a torch, das heat throughout the brand.
  • Quickly place the bottle in the bucket with 3 liters of ice water.
  • Give a few firm strokes with the clamp to the bottom of the bottle and see how it is divided.
  • Sandpapers very well the edges.
  • Finally, you place the lamp.

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3. With rings of soft drink

Anillas de lata.

You can make beautiful lamps out of recycled materials with d-rings of soft drink cans. Are extremely modern and eye-catching. No one will notice nor will they be able to trust that you did at home. Did you know that similar models are paid a lot of money in the houses of lighting?


  • Clamp.
  • An old lamp whose metal bracket.
  • Rings of soda (The amount depends on the size of your lamp, but estimated about 50).


  • Take the old lamp and carefully remove the screen. Leave only the base metal because this is the element with which you will work.
  • You’re going to bend all of the rings in half across the longest part of the same.
  • In the rounded end larger you make a cut. You’re going to enforce that court to engancharlas throughout the metal structure.
  • Then engage a ring lower in the top two. You continue until you reach the height of your liking. Keep in mind that, best of all, working with recycled materials is that you’ll take care of the planet.

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