4 things you can do with bottles of perfume, old

If you are addicted to the perfume from a young age, surely have at home a lot of pots of different colonies that you were buying or you were giving away.

These bottles are usually very pretty and depending on the brand or the quality of the perfume can be a one way or another.

38474187 - perfume
38474187 – perfume

If this is your case, we want you to see the possibilities that can bring your old bottles of perfume, because even if you don’t what you had raised, can be reused, and converted into ornaments great for your home.

In addition, there is nothing more pleasant than to turn something old into something new, and even more if you do it with your own hands.

Ideas for turning bottles of perfumes, ornaments practical and beautiful

You just have to let your imagination run wild and give your items a personal touch. However, if you are lack of ideas, don’t worry, hopefully we are going to tell you like so that you can put into practice.

Likewise, you think that with these ideas you will be contributing not only to the decor of your home, but also to recycle items that otherwise would use it. In addition, it is a fun activity that you can perform alone or in the company of, for example, your children.

perfume con rosas

Perfume bottles as vases

One of the easiest ways to use the jars of perfumes as elements of decoration is to transform them into vases or vases. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • You select the piece that you want to modify.
  • Pull the plug and your vaporizer if it includes.
  • Inserted inside the flowers to suit your style. Keep in mind the size of the hole in the pot.
  • Add water to keep them fresh longer.

Another option is to put flowers dried so that they last as long as you want.

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Provided that the bottle allows it, you can make small terrariums with motifs of decoration such as stones, sand or figures.

The easiest thing is to use artificial flowers, so as not to need to worry about their care. Another possibility is to add water and make a terrarium underwater.

There are many ideas around the terrarium, with small gestures able to create different environments and are unique in the home.

perfume decoración ambientador mikado

Air freshener homemade

If you’re one of those who like that the house always smells clean, it is best that you take advantage of the pots of perfumes, old and’t re-use as air fresheners style mikado.

This type of air freshener emanating odor in a natural way and continuous, and can be done with very few materials; takes note.

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Essential oil of your liking
  • Sticks of rattan or bamboo sticks

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The process is very simple. First, prepare the mixture in a bowl or glass jar. Then, add two parts of alcohol by a of water and then add essential oil (a few drops will suffice).

In addition, you can add in if you want bits of lemon or orange, or if you prefer some aromatic herbs of lavender, rosemary, thyme, or mint, for example.

Once you have created your fragrance, add it to the bottle with care (help of a funnel if you see it necessary). Once inside, enter the sticks.

If you do not find the that usually come with the air fresheners from the stores, you can get the sticks that are used for carving meat or for making skewers of meat and vegetables and cut off the tip.

Once inside, you will begin to permeate into the wood and emanates the odor created. Remember to flip the sticks once in a while so the fragrance is renewed and smells more.

perfume decorativo

Perfume bottles as decor

As mentioned at the start, the bottles of the perfumes are very nice. Depending on the brand, their size and shape, can be a few decorative elements perfect.

If you want to see again, with its greatest splendor we give you some easy ideas and eye-catching.

  • You can fill the inside with water colors, using dyes in food or even dilute the paint that you like.
  • You can paint the outside to give you your own, personal touch.
  • Add sparkles, glitter or beads in its interior.
  • If you have an account with a glue gun, paste motifs such as ropes or balls of the colors to make them more original.
  • Crosses ribbons and cords in different directions, sizes and colors.

Always looking for what you are going to change go in accordance with your tastes and the décor of your home. Unless you prefer an eclectic decoration, where nothing combined with nothing.

And remember: look inside yourself and use your imagination to transform your old perfume bottles into true jewels of art.

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