4 tips to avoid having your child suck on your finger

Parents often are concerned when they see their small children putting their fingers in their mouth. Certainly this habit can be cause of serious problems for oral health, and even more. And with that, prevent your child suck on your finger becomes an obsession for the parents.

Before photo tender child that sucks their thumb, there are millions of ultrasounds of fetuses caught taking the fingers to the mouth. This not only indicates that is one of the ways that you have the baby and explore the world around him, but it is also a normal behavior. Then, before you worry about we are going to understand why he does it.

What finger, or pacifier?

The sucking reflex is natural in the baby. What you need to survive. Sucking satisfies hunger and produces tranquility and calmness. A breastfed baby may not resort to the finger and does not need a pacifier. Has the mother’s breast to feed and calm down.

However, it is normal for a baby to start to introduce one or more fingers, in his mouth to from 2 to 6 months. It is one of the stages of development, one of the ways that you calm down. To which many parents decide that before you insert your finger it is better to rely on the pacifier.

Chupetes para bebés.

With reason they argue that, at the time, it is easier to remove a pacifier to a baby. It is impossible to remove one of his fingers. However, the consequences of the use of a pacifier or finger past the 2 years, they are virtually the same:

  • Malformations in the teeth
  • Problems in pronunciation
  • Can hide emotional disorders more severe

How to avoid your child suck on your finger?

As well as it is normal for a baby to start to put fingers (and everything that is between your fingers) in your mouth, it is also common that pass this stage will be near 2 years. So basically there is no worry to prevent your child suck on the finger so short ages.

When the child reaches 3 or 4 years and often sucks one of his fingers, to observe the child and to pay attention to the reasons that motivate behavior. In this way it is more easy to find the best solutions to prevent your child suck on your finger and take care of your teeth.

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But as not all children are equal and evolve at different rates, a good indicator that it is necessary to take measures, is when he came out the front teeth and the fangs. If, in addition, you begin to perceive that we are separating the teeth to leave the space of the finger, the moment came. Here we leave the 4 fundamental recommendations.

1. Identifies causes and provides options

If your child sucks his thumb to sleep, help your baby to sleep at bedtime. Join while you sleep. Tell a story. You can offer that you sleep with your doll or favorite stuffed animal instead of using his finger.
Madre leyendo un cuento a su hija.

If your child sucks his thumb when he is stressed or anxious, perhaps you only need that charles a little with him, to embrace him and offer the comfort that you need to find the peace of mind and overcome the fear that disturb you.

If your child uses the finger when it is boring, it’s time to turn on the creativity and offer distractions. Start a game, make a craft, take a walk, it may be what your son is asking when he shoves the finger in her mouth.

2. Explains the consequences

Sometimes they resort to home remedies or runs to see a specialist, before simply sitting down to talk with the child. Offer a simple explanation of why it is not advisable that you keep sucking the finger.

You will be amazed at the ability of children to understand the explanations given to them and act accordingly. Explain that their teeth can be twisted, which has already stopped being a baby and it’s time to stop sucking your finger.

Avoid ridicule in front of other people, even less gritarlo or punish him when you see with the finger in the mouth. Perhaps to stop thumb sucking in front of you, but continue to seek. It is much better to give positive reinforcement each time you achieve to overcome the causes (sleep, anxiety, boredom) that sucks the finger.

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3. Covers the finger

You may consider it necessary to implement a measure more robust to avoid to be suck on a finger. Surely, in the finger of your child has formed a callus by suction. Covering the callus with a band-aid and explain to your child that it is necessary to cure the callus that has formed.

Niño chupándose un dedo.

The tape must be well glued, but not too tight. It is necessary that your child not be able to remove it by itself. Change it twice a day, let him day and night for about 15 days.

If the child insists to take the finger to the mouth, it will be unpleasant to feel the taste and texture of the plaster in the mouth. Many mothers also put vinegar or lemon in the finger. Evaluates if that works for you.

At the end of two weeks, if the child has not entered the finger in your mouth and you have been outstanding to minimize the causes of this habit, it is very likely that the child already achieves behavior change.

4. Seek a specialist

If none of the options that you have given to help prevent your child suck on your finger it has worked, you surely need to have recourse to a specialist. An orthodontist will be able to design a device that prevents the child to insert a finger in his mouth.

But if the frequency and intensity of the habit is disproportionate and uncontrollable, it will be necessary to consult with a child psychologist. A flooded suction of the finger can hide the disorder more profound , or a much larger problem.

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