5 simple exercises to get muscles in the legs

To pull muscles in the legs, evidently does lack exercise. And although many people do not give priority to the lower extremities, unlike the buttocks, the abdomen and the arms, the legs deserve just as much or even more attention than other areas. Above all, because the legs well trained allow us to ride for longer, without fatigue or discomfort (like soreness).

Then I discussed why it is good to give importance to strengthen the training of the muscles of the legs with a weekly routine. In addition, the legs lend strength and stability to the body. Put into practice these exercises, you will maximize your performance and enorgullecerte of the results.

How can we gain weight and volume in the legs?

Before you start with the training to make grow the muscles in the legs we need to be aware of the effort and perseverance that we will need. The legs must grow in volume by the increase of muscle, not fat.

To get results, in the first place, we will need discipline and a diet rich in proteins. This is the binomial key to the time to exercise on a regular basis. We must be steadfast and learn to expand the threshold of resistance to physical effort is concerned.

Exercises for the muscles in the legs

1. Squats with bar

Squats with weight are the exercise for excellence to strengthen the muscles in the legs. In reality, they are ideal to grow muscle in a short time and gain strength. In this exercise you work the following muscles: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, adductors, calves and back.

It is desirable that the weight with which we work is incremental to our progress. Otherwise, they can appear injuries in the back and joints. To obtain good results, it is advisable to learn how to do the exercise:

  • Separate the feet at the same distance from the shoulders.
  • Contract the abdomen.
  • Down with a slight backward movement.
  • Not arching your back.
músculos en las piernas

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2. Bike

Professional cycling is one of the sports hardest that there are. In reality, to the naked eye we can see the large muscles, not of volume but of power, of these cyclists. For this reason, the practice of cycling, in any of its variants, is a perfect way to tone and strengthen the legs.

In addition, with the bike not only works the lower part of the body. We also strengthened the lumbar part, chest and shoulders. At the same time, helps to prevent bone injuries, artitris, improves blood circulation, reduces cholesterol levels and strengthens the heart.

3. Jumping jacks

An option with different variants are the jumping jacks. It consists of jumping with legs together and open them up in the air at the same time that we give a pat with your hands above your head. It is an exercise very simple.

To increase power, endurance and aerobic capacity, can be used anklets with weight. It is recommended that the load is always progressive. In fact, it is no use to start with weights which can injure us.

4. Specific calf


To show off a few calves, well-defined, we can practice the following exercise:

  • Take some dumbbells with a weight that’s right for us.
  • Separate the legs at the same distance from the shoulders.
  • Lift the heels and stand tip-toe for 25 seconds.

We can perform 4 sets of 10 repetitions, and gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells. A moderate pain on the calf tells us that we are doing the drill well.

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5. Lunges

A compulsory exercise to strengthen the hips and toning the legs are lunges. Although it seems a simple exercise to the naked eye, in reality it is not. Are a wear and tear very high energy and, if performed incorrectly, entail a certain risk of injury in the joints.

Lunges work multiple muscle groups at the same time. However, it is important to train with different variants of exercise to work different parts of the body and get real results.
músculos en las piernas

General aspects to be taken into account

  • For a start, we need to warm you always the muscles that we’re going to work. This warm up should not last less than 10 minutes.
  • For the muscle to grow, it is imprencindible perform stretches before and after the session.
  • The intensity should always be gradual. We must not work above our possibilities. In fact, we can suffer serious injuries with small oversights.
  • Whatever you do, do it well. Take your time and don’t rush into getting immediate results. Always check with the monitor of the fitness centre and, above all, be consistent.

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