5 tips to prevent the onset of bunions

Bunions are a real nuisance that can affect both people of the female sex as a male. It is defined as a bulge that generates a lot of pain because it causes a lateral displacement of the bone of the big toe, at its base. For this reason, prevent the onset of bunions is essential if we want to move quietly on a daily basis.

Then, we will talk about some tips to prevent the onset of bunions and as well, put a stop to time. Recall that this condition depends, above all, of our way of life.

Tips to prevent the onset of bunions

1. Do not use shoes that you tighten

Have you ever used shoes that you pressed the foot? Or that you were a bit narrow at the tip? Be very careful with this, since you are creating the perfect breeding ground for forming a bunion.

When our foot is tight you have to adapt to the shoe in which it is. The fingers can be placed in positions very uncomfortable, twisting, and this can cause a bunion to appear when least we hope. In addition, the pain and the discomfort of our feet will tell us that something is not going well.

The footwear should have the appropriate size. You must not stay large or small for you to our foot feel tight and that results in much more severe problems.

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2. Careful with the heels

What happens when we wear high heels? All the weight of the foot falls, where are the fingers, encouraging them to tighten against each other. In addition, many high heels have the tip more narrow, so that though they be of our size, our standing, at least in that area, it’s going to feel tight.

Trucos para resistir los tacones.

If you wear high heels with much diligence got all the win to suffer from bunions. However, if you can’t do without them we recommend that you try to choose those models that do not have a heel too big. In addition, if this is a bit wide, so much the better.

3. Use templates if you have flat feet

The third tip to prevent the occurrence of bunions is aimed at all those who suffer from flat feet. Therefore, when you have this type of foot and walking an overload occurs in the area where the bunion. However, there are templates to prevent this.

I must say that the templates can be very cumbersome and uncomfortable. However, to help your feet if you suffer from this condition and will prevent you can develop a bunion. A problem very painful it is much better to prevent.

4. Walking barefoot

To prevent the occurrence of bunions is very positive that you do not always have the feet enclosed in shoes or high-heeled shoes. It is necessary that they can breathe and feel free of any pressure and discomfort that may cause the footwear or even the rubbing of the sock.

Therefore, it is very positive that we take advantage that we are at the beach for a walk, as this helps a lot to our feet. But, above all, that at home we are not the footwear of the street. We can walk barefoot, only with socks or put on slippers very comfortable.

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5. Choose the right footwear

If we want to prevent the onset of bunions properly it is necessary that from now on, let’s invest in a quality footwear. This should be flexible, be breathable, must not squeeze ourselves through, and if it can be made of natural materials so much better.

Pie de atleta.
The use of appropriate footwear, especially in pools, is fundamental

If we take this into account, in addition to all of the above advice, our percentage to end up with bunions on our feet will be very low. Yes, let us not forget that if there is someone in our family that suffers from it, our level of prevention has to be larger, although sometimes not work.

All of these tips to prevent bunions also help in the event that you already suffer. Well, we’re going to have to continue to wear shoes and what better to choose a few that do not make us harm and do not pinch our bunion so that your pain does not increase.

Is there someone in your family who suffers from bunions? Do you suffer you? If not, we encourage you to review if you are committing any fault with respect to the shoes to solve as soon as possible. The health of your feet is in game.

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