Change your figure in 30 days with this beauty routine

Change your figure the natural way with this routine you propose. With constancy, but in a simple way, you can achieve the goals that you set out to do: to tone the breast, refine your waist, to shape the buttocks, or slimming the legs.

Discover in this article the best tips, exercises and techniques to get the body you’ve always dreamed of in just a month. What you will achieve without the aid of any surgery or any cosmetic product which is very expensive.

Just start today and change your figure in 30 days!

Change your figure without surgery

The shape of our body depends, in large part, of our genetics. Also influence factors such as the pace and style of life, food and habits that we have. Without forgetting, of course, of the health factors (hormonal, thyroid, vitality, etc).


However, we should not resign ourselves to that of our body that we don’t like. We don’t have why opt for cosmetic surgery, which also entails risks for the health and does not always provide a satisfactory result.

The solution is to be found in some good tips, techniques and exercises that, despite being natural, are very effective. We just need a bit of constancy, a few minutes each day and trust in ourselves.

Daily routine

1. Legs slender and tonificadas

Moldear la figura no es adelgazar.

The muscles of the legs become flabby when we lead a life that is too sedentary. Spending many hours sitting or even standing, have an impact on our thighs and calves. The consequences are excess fat and cellulite.

We must walk each day for at least half an hour at a good pace. Up and down stairs whenever we can, jump, agacharnos and turn to lift. If we don’t have time to go to the gym or for a run, we should include in our daily routine through a series of exercises at home.

The bed, already in bed, we can raise the legs and move them doing the bike and in all the movements that occur. With this exercise so simple, we will, incidentally, improve circulation and prevent cellulite and varicose veins.

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2. Waist fine

To get a waist that thin that enhances our female form, we need to focus on some tips of life style and food:

  • Avoiding dinner too late or too much.
  • Reduce the consumption of refined carbohydrates made from flour (bakery products, biscuits, bread, pizza, pasta).
  • Increase the intake of protein, but not to overdo in the of animal origin.
  • Eliminate sugars from our diet.
  • Drink two litres of water a day.
  • To get a good night’s rest, with the necessary hours.
  • To avoid the stress.

3. Buttocks moulded


Buttocks shaped, firm and round is that some women have are the result of a genetic privileged. However, in most cases, especially after 30 years, we need to perform some exercises each day to get them.

We will focus on the exercise of the squats, since it is easy and very effective. In addition, we can do it at any time and in any place. We can take advantage of even a pause in the work to do it.

The important thing is going to grow in a progressive manner. It starts to do squats and change your figure with a butt-defined!

How do we do it?

  • Standing, open your legs to hip height.
  • Flexionaremos the knees.
  • We will lower our body with the back straight to bring the buttocks to the ground and back.
  • If we want to add to our weight, we can grab a bottle of water.
  • We will start by 3 sets daily of 15 squats and go increasing gradually until you reach 5 sets of 20 squats.

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4. Chest firm

The chest is losing firmness with the passage of time, the result of gravity, the use of fasteners, hormonal changes and pregnancy, etc, however, we can fight the flab in different ways, all of them very effective:

  • Try to have a good posture and avoiding rounded shoulders.
  • Perform arm exercises with light weight or elastic bands. Pilates is an excellent choice.
  • Avoid using fasteners that are too tight or that are not of our size. It is recommended that you do not wear rings.
  • Let us daily massages with almond oil or coconut oil. Both vegetable oils nourish the skin in depth, provide antioxidants and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Please don’t hesitate. Get started now. It changes your figure with this routine and in 30 days you will get a hourglass body!

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