Discover the damage that brings the bad use of hearing aids and their proper use

Listening to music is a taste common among many people and even therapy. However, not everyone likes the same type, nor is it desirable to hear it on all sides. For this reason, science developed a device: the earphones or headphones.

Have you ever wondered what is the damage that brings the bad use of the headphones? Below we bring you the keys that you have to learn to listen to music through headphones does not end up impacting your health. Pay attention and follow these good practices.


Now there are all types, sizes, shapes and colors. Mainly, the young people like to wear their hearing aids all parties. However, the incorrect use of hearing aids may have negative effects on the hearing device and also in the health of the organism in general.

How to use a hearing aid properly

1. Careful with the volume

The use of headphones with high volume for prolonged periods can cause damage in an irreversible way in the hearing aid, causing the hearing problems is considerable. Today, the cases of hearing loss are on the increase.

With the use of hearing aids may generate a sound power of up to 100 decibels (dB) directly, a value excessive to expose the human ear. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the human ear should only receive a maximum daily exposure to noise not exceed 85 dB.

In the same manner from the WHO ensure that the sound exceeds 120 dB, even if does not cause a complete loss of hearing, you can go causing damage to a gradual and irreversible in the hearing device. For this reason, it is recommended the use of hearing aids with a volume suitable for a maximum of half an hour a day.

2. Make a good use of a constant

In addition to causing a direct damage to the hearing aid, the poor use of hearing aids causes damage indirectly in the agency. Listen to music at a volume higher than the right can cause:

  • Heart damage
  • Sleep disorders
  • Lack of concentration
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty to learn
  • Depression

What’s more delicate is that the damage caused by the poor use of hearing aids are presenting progressively without the person being aware of it. That is why it is important to take into account how to should be the proper use of hearing aids.

3. Hearing aids of good quality

In the first place, you must select hearing aids according to the ears and preferences of each person. There are hearing aids ergonomic that are inserted directly into the ear canal, as well as there is also the type larger, such as ear muffs, which are placed outside the ear by covering it in all its extension.

For both cases there are various sizes and materials. When the headphones are large blocks and concentrates the sound in such a way to not have the need to turn up the volume to excessive levels.

If you decide to choose headphones small that are introduced within the ear canal, try not to introduce them by pressing them. Choose a few that have a pad that fit perfectly in the entrance to the channel so you don’t have to put pressure on them to avoid an injury.

4. Exposure time

escuchando música en el sofá

Another point that should be taken into account is the time spent listening to sounds or music with the headphones, which also leads to damage if you spend long hours with headphones in the ears.

The recommended way is to use them for 30 minutes a day, to avoid problems of anxiety, stress, and lack of concentration, among others. To better understand how to take care of your ears, you can see their anatomy and physiology.

5. Cleaning of hearing aids

The cleaning is also of great importance in the use of the headphones. It is important that you know which hearing aids are devices of personal use, even though it may seem something simple. Should not be given and should get the proper cleaning each time you use.

By means of them, can be passed quickly and directly harmful microorganisms, that can cause serious infections in the auditory system.

Don’t forget that every time you go to use your hearing aids you should clean them with cleaning products that are gentle and do not damage the device. Also, after a certain time, it is recommended to replace the pads with new ones.

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