How do I clean the leaves of your plants at home?

The cleaning in the house can reach to the most hidden corners, even the plants. Did you know that you can leave them gleaming with some simple steps? We tell you how to clean the leaves of the plants in the house to have the garden beautiful and colorful that you’ve always wanted.

Is it important to clean the leaves of the plants?

Yes, it is. This is because to keep them in good condition and cared for can improve your breathing. The dust or the contamination of an environment can build on it and so significantly reduce the amount of sunlight it receives.

As you know, this will result in less chlorophyll and, therefore, we will be left with a plant sick. If you come to this situation, not only that the plant will turn yellow and cease to grow; it may even die.

Plantas para conciliar el sueño.

Therefore, clean up those plants that do not receive rain water becomes very important. It is recommended to repeat this procedure at least two times per month.

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Methods to clean the leaves of the plants

1. The water as a first resort

Of course, there is to be any expert to think of water as a good resource for clean the leaves of the plants. This idea is very good, in fact.

A good tip is to move the plant to the shower and open the tap; make sure that the water is warm. So, you will receive drops soft in place of a jet is more intense and direct as you can damage the leaves. Use a hose or a sprayer can also be very good.

If the dirt of the plant is too important, you can mix a litre of water with some shower gel. Rocíala full with this preparation and then rinse with fresh clean water. Those who recommend this method point out that it is better to cover the substrate, or tearing down the plant for which this mixture is only in the flowers.

2. Brightener natural

It is a very effective technique, except for those plants with curled leaves or with small hairs; not for use on them. Wipe down the leaves with a sponge with soapy water to gain brightness; another option is to do it with olive oil. Both ways, you’ll give more brightness to your plants.

3. Clean the leaves of the plants with milk or beer

Incredible as it may seem, milk is a product suitable for the purpose, which here we pursue. The procedure is simple: wet a cloth with milk and rub it about the leaves that you want to clear. Instantly you will notice the results. You can also use a little beer instead of milk.

La leche y la osteporosis

4. Banana peels to clean the plants

Review the leaves of the plants with the inner part of the banana peels will leave them clean and shiny. As with the milk, you will notice how quickly it changes the appearance of the sheet. It will become more green and radiant.

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5. Clean floors with a toothbrush

On the second point we emphasize caution with respect to the plants with velvety or with small hairs. For cleaning, you can use an old toothbrush.

It is very simple: keep the sheet with your hand under and pass the brush gently over the top. Starts from the base and moves gently to the tip of the blade. Remember to rinse the brush from time to time and let it dry before using it to clean the leaves of the plants.

Some other objects that can be used for this technique are soft brushes or pipe cleaners (cotton swab). Is more, until a leaf of the same plant may be useful to remove the dust from the rest of them.

Other tips

Beyond that it is important to clean the leaves of the plants, there are also that offer them other care. One of them, perhaps the most important, has to do with the elimination of parts is not healthy.

If the plant has flowers wilted or dried leaves, spindly or weak, it is best to remove them. In this way, you will be able to devote all of its resources to the preservation and proliferation of their healthy parts.

Keep in mind the characteristics of the plants for their care. For example, there are some that do not go favored when they get wet their leaves; some examples are cactus and succulent or succulents. For them, it is better to opt for dry cleaning.

Clean the leaves of plants is something that will take just a few minutes. However, it can have effects extremely positive for them. If you use in the decoration of interiors, looks healthy and shiny will totally change the vitality of your environments.

Plantas en casa que nos aportan salud

Plants in house that provide us with health

Anyone who wants to take care of and enjoy the nature, you should consider having plants in the house. Their beauty and aroma, it is justified to include in the decor . Read more”

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