How to make your own video game room?

A video game room is going to be the place of encounter with the recreation. Also an area for comfort, for meetings with family or friends, and, without doubt, due to the good atmosphere and the type of interactions that are conducive to in him, it will become the favorite place of the home. So, what you need to escape the routine? Just do it in your own home. Follow our tips and you will see how you will get there.

Tips for creating a great video game room

Contrary to what you might think, you do not need much space to create a room for video games. To begin with, we need a clear area so we can imagine the objects we place in each corner (or not at all) and why.

jugar a videojuegos.

Obviously, a screen, and the console will be needed. It is recommended to install them on the main wall, which tends to be the most extensive and this makes it much easier for the vision and the mode of displacement (in the case that you can play with the controls with motion sensors). In this wall it is recommended that you do not place accessories. In fact, with a ledge or shelf to store the games, just.

Of course, inside of cabinet storage, a drawer, basket, or accessory to save the console controls. This is important, because it allows them to be placed with ease and also prevents scratching to get out of your site.

In addition, if the controls are out of batteries, you must make sure to have a small container to put the batteries that are no longer used. In this way we will identify as ”waste” and also, we will remember more easily find a replacement. It should be noted that, to avoid accumulating too many batteries unusable, so the best is to opt for rechargeable batteries. These are a bit more expensive than the regular, but the investment is worth it in the long run.

Once located the screen and the console, we will proceed to decorate the rest of the environment. Of course, there are several options and it all depends on taste of each person. On the one hand, you can opt for a minimalist style in which to decorate with very few items (perhaps an action figure of a character recognized, a rubik’s cube, etc.); or you can place posters on the walls (of movies, video games, comics) and fill the room with many fun items to view.

Sala de videojuegos.

The lighting for this space must not be neglected, so that it will be necessary to have a good ceiling lamp, and an auxiliary, in case you do not want to play with the room light turned on.

The size of the furniture should be proportional to the space you have. However, there is one thing that is common to all rooms video games: the use of comfortable furniture. From sofas to puffs. It’s also worth adding a carpet fluffy and several pillows.

If the room is spacious, we can create a separate area for table games. A square table and a few chairs will suffice to create the separation from the environment. Here it will also be necessary to place a good lamp to illuminate the dashboard of the players. To avoid that players lose concentration, you can place a folding screen to separate the area of video gaming area table games.

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Other elements to the video games room

You may want to consider adding a few more items to maximize the enjoyment and comfort of all users of the room of video games. Then you mentioned some:

  • Dispenser snacks.
  • Table football table folding.
  • Small children’s play area (especially for babies).
  • Table tennis, billiards and the like.

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Important aspects

1. Cleanliness and order

For the good maintenance of the room of video games, it will be necessary to maintain the cleanliness and order of the day. To do this, we must place bins in strategic places.

Despite the fact that this area is dedicated to the enjoyment, we must not neglect the cleaning, since they all will deteriorate soon and then we will not be able to enjoy the space or of its elements. It is also important to keep things in order for you to get there, just need to take control of the console and enjoy, instead of wasting time looking for this or that.

Tu sala de videojuegos.

2. Fun

Creates incentives to promote cleanliness, order, and fun at the same time. For example, you can organize group dynamics to organize the space and, at the end of the activity, share a good meal or a few snacks.

Do not forget that the sound is important, so that you can install a pair of speakers to hear better the video game or, to put music while you take a game of table football.

Without a doubt, technology will prevail in the games room. We offer interactive games that combines the traditional display with some physical effort.

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