How to put your newborn baby?

How to put your newborn baby? It is a common question among first-time mothers. The grandmothers have an opinion about it and the pediatricians the other. It’s true that while it seems like a question with obvious answer, is the subject of many queries.

A baby may roll over while sleeping and decide which is your sleeping position between 3 and 6 months. So the concern of parents about how to put your newborn baby covers basically their first 3 months of life.

Do you face up or face down?

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that babies, until 6 months, sleep face up or what is technically called position the supine position.

Bebé durmiendo.

When you sleep face up, to decrease significantly the odds of the dreaded syndrome of sudden infant death. In addition, as the baby will relax, the head is going to one of the two sides. From this, if the baby take a crop or puff, there is no risk of choking.

However, the grandmothers will insist on that upside-down the newborn sleep more, and surely they are right. But it is a position that is best left for a siesta day in which the baby can be monitored, or for when you change your position by itself.

The most important thing is to prevent the sheets from obstructing the nostrils of the baby.

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Recommendations at the time of placing the newborn baby

Although no shortage of varying opinions, the ideal is to follow the recommendation of the pediatrician in function of the characteristics and peculiarities of each child. However, when the time comes to put the newborn baby, it is valid to follow the following recommendations:

1. Avoid sleeping face down or on its side

This caution applies until the baby can turn and rotate by itself. If the baby suffers from reflux, you must sleep on a mattress that has an angle of 45°.

2. Use a firm mattress

The mattress to sleep with your newborn baby should be firm, avoid the use of cushioned. Your back needs a good support to hold it face up. Fits well the sheets, it prevents that are loose and that can choke the baby. Also, a newborn baby does not need to use pillow.

3. Bed free of stuffed animals, toys or cushions

Very adorable to see the baby’s crib or baby’s bed full of stuffed animals and beautiful cushions, they are not practical nor recommended. The objects prevent good air circulation and can bring more heat. Also, contribute to the accumulation of dust, which can be very counterproductive for babies with respiratory problems.

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4. Prevents overheating

Avoid excess heat when it comes to dress and put baby to bed. Also, don’t use blankets very thick. The ideal environmental temperature is between 20 and 22 °C . If you use a stove or radiator, the temperature locate between those grades.

5. Avoid forcing the use of the pacifier or binky

If you want to introduce the use of the pacifier or pacifier and your baby will not accept or release it to just sleep, you don’t have to re-enter your mouth. There are babies who do not like the pacifier, so don’t force it if is not to your liking.

6. Prevents the baby to sleep alone

A newborn baby should not sleep alone, at least in its first 6 months of life. To be in the room of the parents, it is easier to be on the alert for any emergency that could affect the baby. In this way, it is possible to assist him to time.

7. Avoid smoking

If there are smokers in the house, avoid smoking near the baby, especially in the room where he sleeps. This is because the waste gases of the cigarette does not only affect your health and irritate your mucous membranes, but is also one of the risk factors of the call sudden death.

8. Caution when sleeping in other places

It is likely that your baby likes to sleep in the car seat, the car, the swing, or other similar seating. Vigílalo while you are asleep. Confirm with your doctor what are the precautions to take if you sleeping on these sites.

In the event you practice co-sleeping

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Co-sleeping, although it is a practice that has detractors, it is increasingly used by parents who share parenting with attachment. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics, found no scientific evidence against this practice.

Precautions are practically the same. When the baby sleeps between the parents, they must prevent the baby to be under the sheets or blankets. So either they clothe themselves up to the waist, or each uses its own blanket.

Once asleep…

Whether you are lying down in their crib or in the bed of mom and dad, once you go to sleep your newborn, enjoy the calmness that brings you to see him asleep. That sweet face full of peace is unforgettable.

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