I love you so much, my son

“I love you so much, my son,” are words that we would all like to hear, but that, on some occasions, not even a mention in the family. Perhaps it has to do with the education or the manners with which each person was raised. However, it is very important to show love to the children. For what reason? In this article I explain it.

The love and children

Madre e hijos.

In the first place, beyond any definition or concept, the love is a human need that produces well-being. In the case of children, the love helps them to grow up happy and feel safe.

According to the book psycho-social Development of boys and girls of the UNICEF, the base of the integral development of children depends on the experiences lived during early childhood in the family.

That is to say, if the children are raised in an environment psychologically stable, in which they are treated with love and respect, will be able to develop the social skills and necessary intellectual. Some of these essential skills are self-confidence, self-esteem, the capacity to love and share.

Basically, if the children are raised in an environment psychologically stable, enjoy a positive attitude towards life and its innumerable challenges. As you can see, the love of parents in the lives of children is critical to their development and well-being.

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The influence of to demonstrate love to the children

Madre cuidando a su hijo con amor.

So appellant says that no one teaches us how to be parents or that the children come into the world without instruction manual. However, any person can learn to be a father, but usually the way in which she was raised. The children modeled their parents until on the way to be a parent, now is the time.

On the other hand, also has the natural instinct to care and upbringing of children, as well as the many lessons that experience teaches. What is certain is that, over the years, millions of families around the world have raised their children according to the culture and beliefs of the time.

However, What is the best way to educate children to be happy?

“It is the people in the world that loves his children and best treatment to them.”

Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Shipwrecks

How to raise the children?

In the book kiss me a lot. How to raise your children with love, the author comments that people who were treated with affection during their childhood tend to be adults most peaceful, kind, sympathetic and also more healthy and happy. In fact, he ends his book by mentioning that the happiest days of a child depend on the parents.

This datum is correct, because the psychosocial development of a child starts in the womb of the mother. This process takes place through interactions with the environment, such as movements, thoughts, actions, language, emotions, and feelings that are born from the relationships with others.

From this, it is irrefutable the fact that the parents are the first persons with whom interacts the baby. Therefore, the baby is totally dependent on their parents to know of life and of happiness.

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What science tells us about showing love to the children

In the English magazine, Sociology, Health and Disease, we recently published an article that indicates that show love to the children helps them to develop their brain and become more strong emotionally.

The researcher Glenda Wall points out that the behavioral receptive and empathetic of parents, guided by experts, it is essential to promote emotional strength and self-regulation in children.

Furthermore, it indicates that this construction of the attachment tends to fall more in mothers than in fathers. However, both contribute in the integral development of your small. In summary, if a child receives love, attention, care and also observes that their parents are able to regulate their emotions; their brain development and their ability of adaptation will be favored.

“The quality of the link or attachment is determined by the capacity of the adult to put yourself in the place of the child, to achieve, to feel as he feels”.

Margarita Hauessler

What you can do to show love to your children

Tener hijos, mujer besando a un bebé.

Although it would be ideal, not all of us know establish bonds of attachment healthy with the people around us. Perhaps because of this, we tend to think that we are not able to cultivate a good relationship with our children. However, a key that helps the bonding between parent and child is strengthened, is to begin to understand them.

What can parents do to show love to the children? Below, we give you some suggestions.

  • It starts from the gestation. Both parents must show affection to the baby since she is in the womb. You can talk to him, caress the womb of the mother, or being aware of their movements. Also, they can take care of your health by making constant visits to the doctor.
  • Have a caring attitude continued for the child to develop trust and confidence.
  • Show love through hugs, words, gestures, kisses, hugs, and expressions at any time.
  • Interact frequently in joint activities and games.
  • Encourage attitudes and behaviors that enhance communication in the family.
  • In addition to show him affection and care, it is necessary to cover their basic needs such as food, stimuli, and basic care.

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Maybe you think that saying the words: “I love You so much, my son”, it is not necessary. What is true is that showing love to children is one of the keys to raise them in a healthy way.

Perhaps, beyond worrying about how to educate our children, it would make sense to have to retrain ourselves as inviduos, before you educate them. Maybe, we can teach our children to live happier.

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