Kegel exercises: strengthen your pelvic floor and improve your sexual life

Kegel exercises dating back to the 40’s. They were created to combat the urinary incontinence post-partum. However, later on it was found that their effects go beyond the initial objective of its launch.

The ultimate purpose of these is to strengthen the pelvic floor, which in turn brings other benefits. It is important to highlight that serves as much for women as for men.

What is the pelvic floor?

Is the set of muscles that close the lower part of the abdominal cavity to keep each body in its place within the pelvis. Among its main functions are to control bladder or bowels and have increased firmness in your erections.

If there is a dysfunction in the pelvic floor, any of the organs that are directly related to this can get it to work improperly. Most of the people realize that suffer from a dysfunction in the pelvic floor when they have symptoms, such as prolapse or sexual difficulties.

The important thing is to strengthen this area and take care of her, the same way it protects other more visible parts of the body.

Qués es el suelo pélvico.

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Kegel exercises: a method of strengthening

Men and women can begin to strengthen your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises. They are very simple to perform and does not require too much time. The ideal is to devote a few minutes each day to achieve them and commit to make them a habit.

To identify correctly the muscles that should be working, when you urinate, you should try to cut or decrease the fluid. The sense that it seeks to recognize is that vagina, anus, and urethra are closed and move on. That is the muscle that needs strengthening. Already discovered the sector, it is very simple to the rest of the task.

With a relaxed posture, back straight and pelvis neutral, the muscles are contracted. Subsequently, it is necessary to resist a few seconds in that position and relax. It is not necessary to modify the breath in order to perform Kegel exercises. Just concentrate on contracting and relaxing in a series of the muscles of the lower belly.

As you will be gaining training and force there is to keep adding demands. It is advised to change position during the training and make the strength of the contraction is more long lasting.

In general, recommended series ranging between 12 and 15 contractions. Do three sets per session is a good way to get exercise and get important results.

Ejercicios de Kegel.

Benefits of Kegel exercises in the sexual life

One of the groups of muscles that are strengthened with these exercises are the pubococcígeos. These muscles are exactly the ones that contract when it achieves the climax.

Women, allows them to have more intense and lasting orgasms; men, it works in the sense that it allows them to achieve erections firmer, as well as an increased resistance during the sexual act. Therefore, it is more favorable to practice these exercises and turn them into a healthy habit.

With time, you will be happy and grateful for the positive changes in the responses of your body. Sex last longer if they are attentive to these exercises.

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Men should perform Kegel exercises when they are about to ejaculate. In this way, gain control of the ejaculation and the time of the meeting will be on the rise; something that a lot of women makes them really happy.

For men who are refined, the benefits are even greater with the passing of the months. They may even feel a sense multiorgásmica, which is believed to be unique in the female sex.

Contract the pelvic floor just before you ejaculate, even in the same moment you feel the orgasm, produces feelings fantastic. The consequence is the blockage of part of the semen and the feeling of ecstasy more durable or by stages.

Mejora durante el sexo en la pareja.

Other advantages of Kegel exercises

  • In pregnant women. To exercise the pelvic floor helps the time of delivery, and favors the recovery in the tone after the birth.
  • In athletes. Incorporate Kegel exercises into your daily routine prevents injuries in the muscles of the abdominal area. Also, are relevant to the future problems of urinary incontinence.
  • In women menopausicas. In this stage, hormonal changes affect the body, but tends to be less relevant if the pelvic floor is strengthened.


Kegel exercises should be a mandatory training for all. It is an investment of a few minutes each day for big profits the rest of the life. It is never too late to start working on health.

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