What is the difference between venous blood and arterial blood?

Today we will discuss the difference between venous blood and arterial blood. To do this, we will describe each of them separately. This way, you will know why there is such a difference and the role of these two types of blood in our body.

For example, did you know that when we removed blood is venous blood and not arterial? Do that when an artery is seen damaged by a cut the risk of death is very high? These are some of the things that we are going to discover.

Venous blood

Sangre venosa.

The venous blood is named as such because it passes through the veins. Veins are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the tissues to the heart. As the veins approach the heart, they are wider. In this case, the veins that carry the venous blood are generally known as pulmonary veins.

The venous blood we can observe in the veins that run through our arms. When it’s cold we tend to have them much more thin, but if we exercise or we have heat in our veins widen and protrude more than usual.

Therefore, if we were to describe briefly what is the function of the venous blood, we can do it in these simple points that we will expose below:

  • In charge of taking the blood flow from the tissues to the heart.
  • Their tunica media is thin and is not very developed.
  • The venous blood is rich in carbon dioxide.
  • Contains urea and other wastes.
  • Flows with a low pressure.

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Arterial blood

The arterial blood is so called because it travels through the arteries. In this case, it carries blood from the heart to the tissues. The arteries are usually much thicker than the veins, that is to say, transport a greater amount of blood.

For this reason, it is always said that if someone suffers a cut in an artery is in grave danger. Unless you can make a tourniquet, you will have a high chance of dying. Sure this is something that we have seen in some movies. The blood does not stop and comes out in surprising amounts.

Some of the arteries that are sure to ring us are the carotid arteries. Can be found in the neck. In the case of suffering a cut in one of these arteries is very likely that the person will die.

Another region of the body in which we can find important arteries is near the groin. This is called the femoral artery and if it is damaged too close to the groin make a tourniquet can be really impossible. In these cases, it is very possible you are unable to save the life of the person.

Detalle del interior de una arteria.

As we have explained some important points about the venous blood, we’re going to do the same with the arterial blood. In this way, we will see even more clear the difference between venous blood and arterial blood:

  • Directs the flow of blood from the heart to the tissues.
  • Their tunica media is thick.
  • The arterial blood is rich in oxygen.
  • Contains glucose and nutrients.
  • The blood flows with high pressure.

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Key differences

The big difference between venous blood and arterial blood is that the first flows in a uniform manner. This means that when the blood flows, it does so with continuity. Do not get suddenly a large flow of blood, but that comes off steadily but at a low pressure.

Diferencias entre sangre venosa y sangre arterial.

This in case of bleeding allows us to have time to react and stop it. Something that does not happen if it was arterial blood. In this case, the blood would not come out evenly and we would have a huge loss of blood in a matter of a few minutes would lead the subject to a cardiac arrest.

Did you even know this difference between venous blood and arterial blood? What you were aware of the risks of injury in an artery? Knowing all this about the blood helps us to know ourselves much better and to know more about how our body works.

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