Bed bug bites bed disease

Risks to the health of the picket line of bed bug

Bed bugs are harmful insects and dangerous for our health. All of this can happen when we are sleeping. They suck blood, they bite the skin and also can cause allergies.
The saliva of these insects contains many chemicals harmful that can cause swelling and redness of the skin for a tiempom prolonged. The dead skin of bed bugs can also be the cause of the allergic reaction for asthmatics with quite easily.
The bed bugs, supposedly harmless, can be very dangerous and should be eliminated as soon as possible.
The picket line bug occurs mainly in the darkness of the night, they suck blood for hours while we sleep without realizing it. The itching and swelling that begins after, it can be confused with the attack of other insects such as mosquitoes or fleas quite often.
The only way that you can come to the conclusion that you have a bed bug infestation is to thoroughly reviewing your home and discovering their hiding places.
The blood-sucking bugs such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are responsible for several diseases, such as malaria, the disease of lyme and the west Nile. Although it is not very common, some people with the bites of bed bugs may develop a severe allergic reaction.
picaduras-de-chinches-de-cama-enfermedadesIf the infestation is very dense, can be attacked by many insects at the same time.
The thought alone causes itching in the skin, other problems or diseases that may appear, may be due to the saliva of the bed bugs that remains in the skin, with many bed bugs attacking the innocent victim at that time, the body begins to have many bites and bruises during the scratching while asleep.

Bite of bed bug, prevent disease, and medications suggested

The first aid you can begin placing a small amount of antiseptic cream. The antiseptic cream can reduce the itching and, as a result, eruptions of the skin caused by bed bug bites, will stop.
The bites of bed bugs should be taken seriously, since the insects can suck effectively your blood healthy, you will need to visit the doctor and find the treatment to boost his immunity to the allergic reaction.

First aid bug bite bed bug

Among the medicines for first aid it is recommended the application of cream, calamine lotion, applying ice packs and even disinfection with antiseptic soap.
The important thing to remember here is that you must always struggle against the urge to scratch, because scratching would spread their poison in the body and so it can get to spread the allergic reaction that cause the bites of bed bugs.

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