Bites – Bites of bed bugs

Relieve the symptoms and recognition of the stings or bites of bed bugs

Do you feel bites in the bed, and had a lot of itching in his body when he went out of his bedroom in the morning?
Well, I’m sorry to tell you that there’s a good chance that you have bed bugs in your mattress and the red welts in your body, they could be bites – bites of bed bugs.
Bed bugs are included in a family of insects called Cimicidae: are insect pests blood suckers who get their food of mammals and birds equally. Bed bugs are very tiny and have a reddish-brown colour, and the females are larger than males.
The females deposited their eggs in any crack and crevice that they feel safe, around the walls and floors of homes, hospitals, residences, and virtually any place where they have managed to enter and settle.
The eggs hatch normally within a period of four to five days, and so begins a cycle that unfortunately does not end and it becomes an infestation.

The percentage of people who suffer from bed bug bites bed grew alarmingly throughout the world and continues to grow.

The excessive increase of this pest occurs because these insects with the passage of time are becoming immune to the chemical insecticides which are commonly used to do.
One of the insecticides that have been used to kill bed bug is Pyrethroid. Unfortunately, it has been noted that a large part of the insect population, is immune to this chemical.
Bed bug bites can become quite complicated to diagnose and many times lead to confusion with other skin problems or bites of other insects.
However normally those who suffer from an allergic reaction to the anesthesia which are the bed bug bites, you will notice elevations red or hives flat in the areas that are “on the air” in the skin that normally generate a lot of itching and can cause great disorder in a person.
However, almost half of the people, unaware of the stings or bites of bed bugs, since these will not be in sight. In these cases it is very difficult to detect and exterminate an infestation of bed bugs safely.
The reaction to the bite of bed bugs is not the same in all people, the environment and the skin have a vital role.
In a few cases allergic reactions can cause illness. The reaction that an infestation of bed bugs causes is anxiety and stress, too many sleepless nights.
The sleepless nights are not only for the cause of the itching, but also by the fear of being bitten repeatedly by these bed bugs at night. These bugs are attracted by body heat, carbon dioxide from the air we breathe, and the perspiration of the victims who are to sleep.

Here are some ways to soothe the symptoms of bed bug bites:

– Topical corticosteroids: hydrocortisone is perhaps the most well known. This will soothe the itching and help heal a bit of the hives.
– Systemic corticosteroids: This medicine will help with burning sensation and itching caused by bed bug bites but will do nothing to lessen the appearance of the hives.
– Antihistamines: If you are taking antihistamines by mouth may be able to ease the itching but nothing more.
– A home treatment that can be successful without being mixed with any drug is the use of heat.
Placing warm cloths to areas that are affected by the bites of bed bugs or blowing hot air using a hair dryer calm the symptoms.
The use of hot water is also quite effective, however, a tip: for the water of result, you must be at a temperature of almost 50 degrees celsius, to prevent burns you should be very careful.

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