Bites cockroaches

Cockroaches are capable of causing bites?

Cockroaches feed on both plants and meat. Some species of cockroaches can bite and even eat the flesh of humans both alive, as humans without living in the cemeteries.
Usually the cockroaches might get to nibble or bite your fingernails, eyelashes, feet and hands. Stings or bites from cockroaches may cause irritation, any type of injury at a minimum in some people, and swelling.

Periplaneta australasiae
Bites cockroaches

Roaches are on our planet since the beginning of time. There are many different species of cockroaches and you can find them absolutely everywhere.
Some species of cockroach have their “home” in the open air in the forest and in the field and often do not finish within our homes.
The cockroaches seek the same as us food and water, it is very normal that when they come into our homes to end up in its vast majority the kitchen, than in any other quarter of the house.
There is a very low probability that human beings suffer from the bites of cockroaches.
The exceptions are in cases of large infestations limit in which the population of cockroaches is exceptional mind, very considerable, mainly when food is very scarce it is possible for a human to suffer the bites of cockroaches.
However, it is generally very difficult to suffer the bites of cockroaches, since they don’t bite humans if there are other ways to get food, for example in trash cans or in the grocery that are not well kept.
When the amount of roaches you can’t control the population of cockroaches can exceed the sources of normal food they need to feed.
Once food becomes limited, the cockroaches to survive to find food and can even eat things or other foods that normally do not would consume, then the human may suffer bites or bites from cockroaches.
It is common sense, call the pest control before the great cities of roaches to reach these levels.

Bites cockroaches – severe Cases

The most important cases of the bites of cockroaches in humans have been in boats. It has been demonstrated that some cockroaches in ships have come to a number such, that bit the skin and nails of those onboard.
Some sailors even reported that they used gloves so the bites of cockroaches will not achieve them and you can’t bit the fingers.
Among the many species of cockroaches, Periplaneta americana and Periplaneta australasiae are the most likely to bite humans in the boats. It is also known that German cockroaches bite humans.

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