Do the bed bugs are just in the bed?

chinches cama en casa

The bed bugs, as their name indicates, are often found in bedrooms. This is because these parasites night necessarily need blood to survive, and the bedrooms are the places which are closest to their food source during the night.

Hidden during the day, attack by night!

These insects tend to aggregate in shelters during the day. These shelters contain bugs of different ages, status, food, and sexual maturity, although a third of individuals tend to be adults. The aggregations of bed bugs in shelters are maintained thanks to the emission of an aggregation pheromone emitted by adults.

In addition, the main factor that motivates the formation of these shelters is the presence of humans in the vicinity, which is detected thanks to a few receptors located on the antennae. As bed bugs are nocturnal insects, and humans tend to be found during the night in bedrooms, these parasites are often found in small cracks, holes or recesses located in the beds, both the mattress and in the cabinet (for example in the legs or header).

However, as the population continues to grow, shelters are locating in other areas of the room, as in curtains, carpets, cupboards, or other furniture of the room.

Bed bugs can be found in all sorts of places…

Also have come to detect bed bugs in offices, always in places highly frequented by people. Normally, this type of infections occur by transport of a house infected to the office, and the employees are unaware of its presence when the infection has already reached large dimensions and the bed bugs are forced to attack people during the day to feed.

He even has come to detect in public bathrooms, as a way to disperse from one room to another is through the pipes, so that when a passing zone, also the can come to find refuge in this area. Therefore, although it is not frequent, bed bugs can also be found in areas away from the bedrooms.

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