Do you have a bed bug’s natural predators?


There are about 90 different species of bed Bugs

Several scientific studies have shown that there are different predators and parasites natural in the group of Cimícidos, that is the group they belong to bed bugs. Within the group of Cimícidos there are about 90 different species of bed bugs feed on blood, for example, numerous species of bugs and birds or bugs bats.

The spiders are their primary natural predator

In this type of environment not home these bugs have natural predators spiders, ants, rodents, pseudoescorpiones and solífugos (individuals belonging to the group of arachnids), mites and bed bug killer. Among all of them, the spiders are their main predator.

Also been described for numerous parasites that can affect different species of Cimícidos, especially the fungi of the genus Serratia and the species Aspergillus flavus.

Natural predators of the Bed Bug (Cimex lectularius)

In the specific case of the bed bug (Cimex lectularius), have been described as natural predators: ants, cockroaches, several species of bed bugs killer, some species of centipedes, mites, and spiders, in particular the species: Thanatus flavidus, which is located in Greece, Ukraine and Russia.

Although bed bugs can be preyed upon by other individuals in natural conditions, these predators may not control the populations of bed bugs in our homes, because the homes are habitats artificial where there is this type of animal. It breaks the food chain that binds the different species with the bed bugs, generating that the pest has the potential to be able to proliferate freely in our homes.

That is why it is of vital importance to react as soon as possible in the presence of this pest, since the lack of natural predators in the buildings infected speed up their expansion and multiplication, reaching dimensions that are disproportionate. Contact an expert in pest control and especially in the treatment of bed bugs is the most recommended option in the presence of these insects in a home.

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