Eliminate mosquitoes in the house

Plants for use against mosquitoes:

When we see the bites on the ankles, we already know that it’s that time of year, the time of hungry mosquitoes. Commercials on radio and tv tell us that only works the repellent or spray against mosquitoes.

In this article we are going to list the five plants that you can use against mosquitoes in your home, as an alternative to insecticides.

Mosquitoes buzzing in the ear not only are they annoying, are the leading cause of death in developing countries. For decades scientists and doctors working on a cure for malaria. There is not yet a good solution against these pests, despite eradication programmes.
Until now, it seems that only the insecticides and repellents for the skin are good, reliable and long-lasting, in all conditions. Therefore they should be in the jungle, the heat, the sweat, the rain and the mud.
But the repellents and insecticides does not seem very healthy. It is not recommended to use long-term or for small children and pregnant women. So the indoor plants can be a very good alternative.

Here a few good substitutes for insecticides, plants that can be used against mosquitoes in your home:

You can cook large dishes with rosemary, but the mosquitoes do not like this herb.
A good combination and, therefore, a good reason to plant rosemary in your garden.
This plant comes from a warmer climate and you like the heat and the sun. To ensure a good dry land and not place too much water. Cut the plant on a regular basis, because the rosemary is a shrub and can get to be very large.
Como-eliminar-los-mosquitosCalendula Marigold:
The fragrance of marigolds can be used against mosquitoes, have an aversion against it.
They are available in many color varieties, large and small, color-gold, yellow, red and orange. Linda La plant is very well on the balconies for a little bit of color and need very little care.
Normally with other plants as a repellent, you may rub the plant sap on your skin against mosquitoes, but do not do it with flowers.
Como-eliminar-los-mosquitosLemongrass (Cymbopogon flexosus):
The fresh aroma of lemon grass is good for the people, and obviously annoying for mosquitoes.
You can grow from the seeds of lemon grass, but it is more convenient (if you want to buy a plant), is to buy lemon grass fresh in a nursery or supermarket.
Cut the upper stems and other dead parts of the stems and place the stems next to the window in the sun in a jar with water. Within a few weeks, roots will appear and then you can move to a pot.
Como-eliminar-los-mosquitosMint: mint grows quickly and is easy to carry and maintain.
It is not entirely clear why the mosquitoes do not like.Be sure to keep this plant small, because it can be invasive.
The mint is safe and non-toxic. You can crush the leaves and apply the juice on the skin. The peppermint oil is sold in trade, or bio-shops
Como-eliminar-los-mosquitosGeranium, who do not know this plant:
Comes in many colors and can withstand the sun. Keep this plant near the door or window, in order to keep the mosquitoes out.
How to take advantage of the leaves of plants that repel mosquitoes:
Put a handful of leaves of the plants above-mentioned resistant to the insects in a mortar and crush it to release the plant oils.
Add a splash of vodka to them (works very well against mosquitoes!), Leave in infusion for 12 hours, strain it and put the mixture in a spray bottle.
Mosquitoes love standing water, so that the cubes are empty, the gutters clogged and showers must be disposed of or cleaned. Change the water for the animals and cut the grass regularly.
The plants mentioned are frightened by mosquitoes and can be very effective against mosquitoes and an excellent alternative to insecticides.

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