Flea bites

Fleas are small insects that live and stay in the homes of those who have pets, such as cats and dogs.
Although fleas are hosted usually in pets, it is also possible to find them in the people, and feed are an excellent way to equally of a pet as a human being.

What causes the bite of a flea bother you so much?

The saliva of fleas have attributes anesthetics, which can immobilize the senses in the place of the bites. The first thing they will do will be to inject the saliva on your host, then this will only feed with blood and then iran. While this happens, the prey will not feel anything at all. This is what will cause an allergic reaction in your skin, then it will form lumps color red and itching.

The degree of reaction of a person to the sting of a flea will depend on how allergic the person is. The flea bites are capable of causing itching in excess.

The itching that comes from the bite of flea is caused by an anti-coagulant in their saliva that is diluted in our blood. At the time that these insects are gone, the flea bites cause itching local and the color of the skin around the bite will become red.
picaduras-de-pulgasTo discern simply the flea bites other bites, you should take into account that these are normally grouped together in a line of three.
Fleas are not so easy to distinguish or noticeable to the naked eye, because they are so tiny that, in general, these insects will be to the naked eye as a tiny black dot.
The larvae are tiny fleas, and because of this they are extremely more complicated to find in a house. Generally the larvae are found embedded in objects of fibre-deep, favoring clothes and carpets.
Although fleas have customs nuisance, these insects are creatures that are helpful for the environment.
Fleas have the energy to jump from one prey to another, at a length of 13 inches(33 centimeters) that is really a jump of 200 times their actual size !!. You can easily jump from the floor level to a person.
Are able to people very easily beds or mattresses and all kinds of textile objects. Fleas can infest our body, usually in the summer, because when it’s hot, people are prone to dress with more lightness, to use little bedding by the high temperatures.
Fleas can attack the people who are enjoying their time in open areas in yards or field.
If you are in an area more cold, will encounter fewer fleas than if you reside in an area more warm. Fleas need warm temperatures to survive, so in colder regions surely the flea population will be lower. Fleas are found especially in the warmer months.
We can use simple remedies that might ease the itching and quite a few or almost all, of the components can be placed in your home.

The use of lemons to soothe the flea bites:

Lemons have an acidic condition natural that manages to counteract the unbearable itching caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of fleas. Lemons have an ingredient that is anti inflammatory that will defend our body from swelling which can lead to a bite.
If you are going to use the lemon must be fresh lemon juice or slices of lemon ruddy. So simple, squeeze a bit of lemon juice on a cotton ball or directly on your skin where the bite of the flea.
You can also take the slice of lemon and squeeze the juice and use the slice of lemon to spread on the skin. Let the lemon dry on the surface of your skin and leave it there for two or more hours.

Make a homemade pasta to relieve the picket-line of flea and itching that causes:

Make a paste of corn starch and water: Mix 1/2 cup of corn starch with 3 to 5 teaspoons of water and mix until consistent.
Place a minimal amount of ointment and apply it to the area that this delicate bite of flea on your skin. Let it dry in the span of about five minutes. This pasta is very similar to calamine lotion, without the color pink.
The use of Aloe Vera to soothe the itching:
Multiple people in your house have aloe vera plants and they do not know that they are great natural remedies for many types of stinging of the skin. Even if you do not have an aloe vera plant, you can buy aloe vera gel in many places and can also be used with the same effectiveness.
Get a stalk of extensive in your plant, cut the stem of the aloe vera plant in half. If you look at the inside of the stem you just cut, can see a component transparent like the gel emerging from it. Rub the gel above any part itchy on the skin and leave it dry.
You can use to calm the itching any of the following:
Vinegar, alcohol rub, tea tree oil or calamine lotion. Also, medications for sunburn, antiseptic creams, ice and even the hand sanitizer can relieve the itching temporarily.
When it occurs the bite of a flea, it is best not to scratch. A secondary infection can be caused by scratching and then it will be worse.
It is important not to scratch the flea bites after these have been dealt with. If the itching still continues, it is advisable to see a dermatologist or medical professional. or use capsules and tablets Benadryl or even use cream or hydrocortisone lotion on the skin damaged by the bite of a flea..

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