How do I enter the bed bugs in cities?

In recent years there is much talk of the resurgence of bed bugs in developed countries. This resurgence is due, in part, to the large movement at national and international level of people and goods.

The means of transport are the key of the dispersion of the bed bugs

The capacity of dispersion of the bed bugs by itself is very limited, since they are small wingless insects, which means they can only be moved to the local level, a few meters away.

However, as the majority of pests, these insects have a huge capacity of dispersal associated with human movement. To be small insects and escondidizos can travel from one side to the other without being seen. This is your main weapon to be introduced in cities.

In fact, it has been documented the presence of bed bugs in the main means of transport human: planes, trains, boats and cars. The hobby of the bed bugs to travel as cops greatly increases the chances of dispersal to a global scale of the plague. From the means of transport they can travel hidden in any part to push into the bags, backpacks, and other luggage of passengers, or even on your clothes. This allows them to be able to cross borders and to colonize new cities with total impunity, and with it, new homes.

Bed bugs are a pest global

In the united States, for example, the plague is wreaking havoc in its major cities. Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles or Philadelphia, are among the most problematic. But Europe or Australia can not escape the resurgence of the plague, since cities like London, Melbourne, Munich, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Venice or Rome also suffers the consequences of this infection.

For this reason it is very important to check the baggage always coming back from trip, especially if you have traveled to areas likely to be invaded by bed bugs.

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