How effective are the dogs that detect bed bugs?


The detection of an infection of bed bugs in a home or hotel room tends to be a rather complicated endeavor due to the cryptic nature of these insects, as they tend to hide in shelters during the day and only leave them during the night.

In addition, its small size and its ability to hide in small cracks do not provide your exact location.

However, the early detection of this pest increases the odds of success in their complete eradication and decreases the likelihood of being dispersed to other rooms. In addition, it also reduces the economic costs associated with its removal.

The training of dogs is a good option for detecting bed bugs

The use of trained dogs is a good option to detect the presence of bed bugs in a room, especially when it comes to recent infections, and some apparent. Dogs are animals that rely more on smell than sight. His great ability to smell allows them to detect gases that are imperceptible to the smell of human, explosives, drugs, or even missing persons.

The dogs also can be trained to detect insects, although the quality of the detection will always depend on the effectiveness of the training. In that sense, it is essential that trained dogs to detect bed bugs are sufficiently precise as to locate the exact zone where they take refuge.

Several studies attest to the efficacy of dogs in detecting bed bugs

In a study conducted in 2008 by the University of Florida confirmed the great effectiveness of the dogs to detect bed bugs. The trained dogs were tested in real-world conditions and were able to detect with 98% accuracy the shelters where they hid the bed bugs in the rooms of a hotel.

It was also found its ability to discriminate bed bugs from other insects, as well as to distinguish eggs and live bed bugs of dead bugs, their droppings, or their seedlings.

Thus, the use of dogs well trained to detect bed bugs is a great tool to detect these insects, especially in areas of recent infection where visual detection is nearly impossible.

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