How to prevent moths in the clothes:

If you do not have adequate protection in your home, or the use of repellent of moths, infestations of the moth can take hold within 3 weeks and you may find yourself with 100 larvae eating your clothes in a short time.

Then it is necessary to stop the infestation with an effective protection against moths before it actually begins.
The majority of these infestations will be undertaken within carpets, wool items, upholstered furniture and various items of clothing.


Therefore, one of the first things that you should keep in mind is that if you ever purchase a piece of second-hand, must take the sun before entering, (leave the garment in the sun for a good time), because a small amount of larvae of moths can cause an infestation in the home.
The clothes moths are attracted to moisture and often go to the clothing stained by foods, sweat, urine, or other substances, so that another form of protection is to maintain a low humidity and keep clothing dry.
A common misconception is that the moth eats the cloth, this is actually false. These are larvae that puts the moth and causing the problem. Usually there are more than 100 larvae present in an infestation, obviously this causes a serious problem.


Have no interest in eating her clothes, but as the larvae do not drink, need to find foods that contain moisture, so if you keep the clothing clean and dry during storage will be able to see that any moths or larvae that may be present, will search for a food source richer in moisture.
A repellent moth of natural origin can be effective, particularly when they are in their larval stage, to the point that it will leave the clothing.

Bright light is an excellent way of prevent moths.

Therefore, a very effective way of protection from moths and rid the clothes of any moth or larva of clothes, is simply to expose the garments to intense light whether outside or through artificial lighting. This will have an effect similar to many repellent of moths and simply fall in search of the darkest places.
Moths can be monitored using a variety of methods, including periodic cleaning or dry washing, proper storage, freezing, heating, or fumigation, use of an insecticide (there are many forms of repellent of moths that will kill the insects).
Many people hang insect repellent on their doors, put in mothballs and capsules repellents in the drawers. These are all areas that the larvae of moths and beetles can thrive.
These are all good forms of protection from moths. A way of creating an atmosphere for your bedroom to act as a repellent of moths, would be to keep a house, room or particular to a moisture level low. The buildings have small cracks, it is also a way of bypassing the protection of moths, since the cracks are a popular place for moths to inhabit and to lay eggs.
In addition to requiring a house or apartment with cracks and crevices limited, you can also control other places where the moths can lay eggs or live during his adult life.
Households that are prone to infestation, they can choose not to have carpet in a room or to take it even further, you can opt to have hardwood floors instead of carpets. In the same way, the choice of the leather sofas, and furniture will reduce the possible sources of food for the moths.

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