How to scare away pigeons

The pigeons, the health problems and harm they cause

Like other birds, pigeons can carry fleas, ticks, or mites. Some scholars claim that they are capable of transmitting diseases that could spread easily to humans through direct contact with these birds or with their droppings.
The pigeon droppings can damage the paint of the car or the paint of a building, and the elements to perform their nests are extremely flammable and can clog drains and vents. The doves can offer you a huge problem for property owners because they can multiply rapidly.
The doves usually make nests in the top of the roofs, in gutters, on ledges outside or even in air conditioners that are located on exterior walls.
como-ahuyentar-a-las-palomasSome prefer to make their nests in abandoned buildings, on walls or in statues. These birds will persist in a single place as long as they have sustenance-food
The pigeons are birds of a body light gray, with black lines on each wing. The species that we see daily is the most common, the wild pigeon, is what we observe in urban areas. These birds are between 20 to 35 cm long, with a width between 30 to 45 cm approximately.
They are very annoying and will eat many different foods easily available, such as for example seeds, fruits, plants, and foods that are thrown away. The pigeons are scavengers practical and iran to where it is your food.
The pigeons are regarded as pests because they can cause deterioration to the buildings and transmit diseases. Are capable of carrying the avian influenza, also some different types of parasites.

Favorably, there are ways to drive away the pigeons that are safe. Methods of control of pigeons

Will always be better to prevent when speaking of plagues. You should seal the sites, which we think could nest with screens or fillers. Other methods for anti-pigeons can be wire for chicken coops with thorns, and scarecrow. The scarecrow may be in the form of owls, snakes, cats or even humans. Although to be really useful, the scarecrow should look like “alive” and have some movement from time to time.
The first step to succeed and achieve keep the pigeons away from any area, is to make the place as inhospitable as possible.
Pigeons choose to make their nests in high places and distant, like awnings, rafters, ledges, and attics. Look in your home places that could be habitable for them and close them. The areas smooth and extended can protect themselves by using a repellent touch.

There are many methods to deter the pigeons, which one you choose should be based on your unique requirements. Below is a brief summary of what was explained above:

Repellent touch. A repellent touch is a component that can discourage a pigeon from landing on a surface. Prototypes of these include:
* Adhesive strips: These strips may be placed in areas where a pigeon could perch to make it less attractive as a landing strip. Can be purchased online and at many hardware stores.
* Chemical elements: Can be used in chemical products, these items have glue and are uncomfortable for the pigeons acienten or feel pain when having contact with their legs. These are special items and can be purchased in most of the places that specialize in pest control.
como-ahuyentar-a-las-palomas* Wire with pierced, pierced iron or fences: A surface may be developed and made useless for the pigeons easily with a bit of ingenuity.
A good example is the wire for chicken coops, pierced iron or modify the flat surface on an inclined surface, systems of automatic sprinklers and up to fences electrified. Look in your local hardware store improvements for the home.

Scarecrow to scare off the pigeons

como-ahuyentar-a-las-palomasScarecrows have been used for a long time to keep the birds away from the crops.
The key to using one of these successfully is to do it that feels very real.
Move you from one place to another on a daily basis. The windsocks that are created to be like animals can work, as long as there is enough wind to make them appear with life.
Ultrasonic repellers
The ultrasonic repellers are offered for every possible pest you can imagine, and for every plague that has been investigated is found large failures of these ultrasonic repellers. The pigeons are not an exception. Don’t throw your money on one of these repellents.
The re-location of the pigeons
To achieve trap and re-locate to a dove it is a great loss of time. Even if you release the bird several miles away, this will be able to find the way back home in a blink of an eye.
Another way of getting rid of pigeons is to reduce the supply of food. In some cities use contraceptives poultry, which control the population of pigeons by undermining the viability of the egg.

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