Natural repellents for fleas and ticks

Plants that act as natural repellents of ticks, fleas and other insects

Fleas and ticks are creatures that are problematic, mainly if there are children or pets in your home. Most of the people use the synthetic pesticides and tick repellents to eliminate these insects.
However, such synthetic products may have several harmful effects on our pets. Many people do not know that you can avoid or significantly reduce these pests on your pets and gardens with the help of some plants.
Certain plants are able to repel fleas and ticks. You can grow these plants in your own garden to repel these insects naturally, which in no way affects your pet.

Some plants that repel ticks, fleas and other insects are:

Garlic: Plant a few plants of garlic in the garden to prevent ticks from entering the garden. Have plant garlic in your garden will not only keep away these pests, but also will help you to use a little bit of garlic for cooking.
repelentes-pulgas-garrapatasYou can crush a few cloves of garlic and spreading on the plant beds at the edges and other locations of your lawn.
However, do not extend the cloves of garlic around your lawn or garden if you have a cat, as garlic is poisonous to cats.
repelente-pulgas-garrapatasMint: The mint is a common ingredient used for cooking recipes and teas. However, the mint is a repellent real fleas, ticks, and other insects.
Save a bit of mint inside bags breathable, and place the bags near your backyard to protect yourself and your guests from mosquitoes, ants, ticks and fleas.
To prevent the entry of insects in your garden, grow plants of mint, among other plants. Your garden will have a good fragrance because of the herbs of mint.
Rosemary: Not only is he one of the tick repellents will be more effective , but also the Rosemary, gives a smell and nice color to your garden.
repelente-pulgas-garrapatasAs rosemary is a herb evergreen, your pets will be protected from pests throughout the year.
You can also dry the leaves of the plant rosemary and sprinkle on the grass of your yard for added protection.
Daisy Fleabane: Daisy fleabane daisy is a beautiful flower that you can use for gardening. However, the most important feature of this plant is to be a repellent for fleas.
The additional advantages of plant Marguerite daisy fleabane in your garden are protection against mosquitoes, flies and ticks.
Rub the leaves of the flower in the skin of your pet or your skin to protect against insects.
Chrysanthemums: chrysanthemums to prevent the entry of ticks and fleas, and they add beautiful flowers to your garden. Place the flowers along the edges of the garden, possibly around the other plants, to keep away the pests.
In addition, Mums will also keep away the lice, bedbugs and cockroaches. The flower is one of the tick repellents most popular .

Ticks and fleas can cause many skin problems in cats and dogs.

Instead of using repellent chemicals against fleas and ticks, insecticides and pesticides, use natural products to avoid the insects from your pet.

These plants can serve as a powerful repellent of ticks, fleas and other pests. In addition to this, you can buy various natural products to protect your pet from these insects.

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