Poison for bed bugs

Treatment of bed Bugs – Poisons pesticides effective

Bed bugs have their food in humans and animals asleep. Hidden in the darkness of the night to avoid being discovered.
The victim does not detect the bite of the mite of the bed when it is feeding.
The only traces that one has become a victim, is the brand name of a bite-red leaves after eating. Can expand quickly, so once it is confirmed an infestation, the poison for bed bugs should be used.
These wingless insects are tiny and flat. They are as tiny as a grain of rice and can be hidden in any place.
The treatment of bed bugs must be neat and accurate. All the rooms of the house should be taken into account to remove effectively the dust mites out of bed.
How to find signs of bed bugs..

Venom insecticide for bed bugs

The expert companies of pest control used essentially chemical insecticides for treatment of bed bugs. Although it has been found that it is safe for humans and animals, it is recommended not to enter treated rooms with poison for bed bugs, for at least two days after the treatment of pest control.

There are four ways in which works a poison for bed bugs:

Venom insecticide powder: This method of treating bed bugs bed contains dust, or ground glass, which acts abrasivamente against the bed bugs of the bed or the dry, killing them slowly.
In the beginning of the last century, we used ground pepper as an insecticide in dust. As time has passed, methods and forms have been refined for the treatment of mites in bed, and today are more effective than the ground pepper.
veneno-para-chinches-de-camaPoison contact insecticide: These are insecticides that contain pyrethroids or chlorfenapyr that kill bugs on contact. This form of treatment of bed bugs of the bed you need to find and locate insects before use.
The contact insecticide can also be used in suspicious areas where these pests may be established.
Regularizadores growth of insects: Are treatments extended to the mites of the bed. A growth regulator slows down the reproductive cycle of these pests, avoiding them to flourish.
This type of process to kill bed bugs, it does not eliminate immediately these pests, but decreases dramatically the population of bed bugs over a period of time.
Poison Gas: This way to eliminate bed bugs so overwhelming can only be made by experts with license and, for some areas, you need special permissions. The entire area is sprayed with poison gas to kill all the pests that are in place.
Baits and traps for insects do not work with bed bugs because their primary food source is fresh blood.
Call an expert pest control can advise you on the correct way of dealing with the mite of the bed. This will also help you to eliminate the problem quickly and in the most effective manner possible.
Once the home is free of bed bugs does not mean that it is free from future infestations. You need to be aware of these pests and always be informed about the different poisons for bed bugs and the treatments available.

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