To chase away and eliminate ants

Like ending up with the ants and drive out of your home

Ants have a notable function in the environment, but are seen as pests when they come to occupy our home. Deteriorating clothing and furniture to make holes in them, and also infected food.
The ants come into our home looking for water, food and protection. To eliminate them effectively may require patience and several treatments.
These are one of the most known bugs and will be able to see a constant inside and outside of your home. Ants are persistent and are very skilled at distinguishing smells, including “micro-odors” in large distances.
ahuyentar-eliminar- hormigasLeaving great trails of pheromones that serve as a guide for other ants what to pursue, and can get to the food.
It is complicated to avoid them all, since they are always in the vicinity and are attentive to take advantage of the food sources. Some people are desperate to eliminate them, acquire chemical pesticides that move away to the ants, but these procedures can have complications for the health , especially in children and pets.

Below will explain ways easy, effective and 100% natural to chase away and to eliminate ants.

These recommendations to get rid of the ants, work practices and use products that you can find in your kitchen:
Wondering how many ants are in the way of food quickly?
Once the “ant collection” finds food, it marks a trail leading to the other of the same colony to the food. Every time we travel, the paths aromatics become more intense.
The powder of cinnamon is effective because the smell is confused with the traces of pheromone and hampering the capacity of the ants to navigate and indicate where you found the food to other ants.
You must spread the powder of cinnamon in places where you see ants entering or moving through your home.
It is recommended to scatter in the vicinity of the waste basket or in the corners of windows, which is accomplished with the powder of cinnamon is to cut the lines of communication.
This is a method of home pest control to eliminate ants, the downside of this method is that it must be done on an almost daily basis to kill the ants in your home.
Vinegar and water
Vinegar is another ingredient homemade simple that works to interrupt the traces of pheromones. Mix a portion of white vinegar and one part water and place in a spray bottle. Spread the vinegar mixture at the entrances of your home, near pipes, trash cans, behind the oven of the kitchen or in any space where you see that enter your home.
The vinegar mixture will evaporate in approximately one day and will need to again be applied, but it is a natural solution efficient for a drawback of pest control of ants .
Sodium bicarbonate
The sodium bicarbonate interrupts the natural chemistry of an ant when they ingest it. To make the move to its nest, mix with equal parts of powdered sugar. Place the mixture in a shallow bowl and bring near the pantry, or where there is food., where to enter or pass through your home.
Once introduced to the nest as food, the ant inhabitants of the nest will eat and will start to self-deleted.
The Chalk
This proved that the ants will not pass a chalk line. This component prevents their traces of smell which they use to warn of the food to the other members of its population.
The method is very simple: Draw or extend a chalk line between the places where they enter and the sustenance of food that they want to take and will be impossible to reach their goals food.
Aspartame, is popular and also known for such brands as NutraSweet, is available in many places. When the ants ingest it, it works as a neurotoxin because it impairs their senses and then they die.
If you know where to find the nest, spray the contents of a package in the vicinity of the entrance to the nest and sprinkle lightly with water for rinsing.Will accrue and be distributed on the aspartame. Then share it with the remnant of the population of ants, you will soon begin to die.
To control the ants without using dangerous chemicals is a very convenient option, always and when we realize the problem in time.
A method is safest will be to call a professional and ask him to use elaborations ecological pest control to eliminate ants.

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