What are effective traps for monitoring marketed?


There are on the market numerous traps for monitoring to detect the presence of bed bugs in a room. These traps contain different systems to attract bed bugs that are based on the different stimuli that these insects are able to perceive.

It is proven that bed bugs can detect three types of stimuli: olfactory, gustatory and mechano-sensory. Thanks to they are able to orient themselves to the guests to feed on your blood. The bed bugs are attracted mainly by three elements: the heat, the concentration of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the smell of certain chemical molecules being shed by the human skin.

With regard to heat, bed bugs can detect differences in heat 1 or 2 degrees celsius, and are very attracted to heat sources above the ambient temperature.

The sources of CO2, such as that present in the exhalation during breathing, it also attract you very strongly to these parasites, while the chemical molecules emanated by the human skin, generate a attraction subtle by themselves, but combined with the CO2 or the heat, may be significantly attractive.

The pitfalls of monitoring for bed bugs tend to use one of these systems to attract bed bugs toward the trap. It is shown that in laboratory conditions the traps against bed bugs that contain a combination of attractants, e.g. CO2 and a source of heat, or CO2 molecules and chemical attractants scent, are an effective way to capture bed bugs.

However, in real conditions there are multiple factors that can affect the efficacy of traps. An example would be the currents of air, as the bed bugs have the capability of detecting these attractants of a few centimeters.

The presence of people inside the room can also affect significantly the efficacy of these traps, since the presence of guests typically generate a power of attraction superior to that generated by the traps. For that reason, it is not advisable to use this type of traps to control an infection of bed bugs, since their effectiveness is not proven in real world conditions.

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