What bed bugs, are they dangerous?

Dangers of bed bugs disease, bed bugs

Bed bugs are small insects, of a brown colour and without wings, the size of an apple seed that feed on the blood of animals, warm-blooded cats, dogs, rodents and birds.
Human beings are also considered to be warm blooded, therefore humans can also be hosts ideal for these bed bugs.
Bed bugs common are scientifically called “Cimex Lectularius” and these insects are actually called bed bugs, because the places in which they prefer to live, in the interior of the houses of some people.
The bed bugs choose to live preferably in the mattresses, bedding, even on the couches, and other furniture for the home.
Bed bugs originally infest the nests of animals such as birds, but over time, they have learned to adapt and infest places or homes of humans, such as houses, residences, hotels, barracks, etc., above all, bed bugs common that have learned to adapt to the human environment.
The bed bugs can infest a particular area to be transported by adhering in your luggage, furniture or bedding, can be moved to a new areas. They can also be transported by animals such as birds or bats that fly into a house.
Bed bugs can move from one place to another, through pipes and holes.
Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, in the form of nymph, their eggs and adult bed bugs. In the nymph stage of bed bugs, appear in a color yellowish-white, translucent and turn a reddish color due to the blood feeding recent.
Adult bed bugs are usually flat, but inflated and elongate after feeding. The peak hour of the power of bedbugs, is about an hour before sunrise, the bugs are very active, particularly, in those minutes.
Los-insectos-de-cama-son-peligrososHowever, bed bugs take advantage of the opportunity to eat and are always hungry at any time of the day or night.
They arrive to their host animal or human, crawling toward him, attracted by the heat and the presence of carbon dioxide.

Insect bites that occurred during sleep, are signs of having bed bugs in the area.

The bites of bed bugs, they appear as red bumps on the skin, in rows between two and four bites that are very itchy. Bed bug bites are commonly found on the neck, back, face, shoulders, arms, and legs. It is important to detect a bed bug infestation early in order to prevent it from getting worse.
Dangers of bed bug bites

Some individuals, can be challenged: “Are bed bugs dangerous?”

In reality, the bites of bed bugs are not dangerous to your health.
If the bed bugs feed off of a human host, in a period of time, such as two or three weeks, for example, the human being becomes more sensitive to the saliva of the bed bug “, giving rise to an allergic reaction. But, not all people develop an allergic reaction to bed bug bites.
The bed bugs inject a tiny amount of saliva when they feed, which typically takes a few minutes.
This saliva contains anesthetics, which is responsible for the bites painless, and it also contains anti-coagulants for the blood to flow continuously.
The only slight risk that a human being can experience a bite from a bed bug, is when that particular person develops a mild to severe allergic reaction to the bite of bed bugs.
Fortunately, there are medications available to treat the allergic reaction, such as corticosteroids or nonsteroidal anti histamine.
Diseases bed bugs:
The bed bugs may seem to be a dangerous type of insect that bites, as it feeds on animals and human blood. In fact, bed bugs are carriers of diseases and other pathogens in its interior and around the area of the mouth.
Scientific tests have been carried out and it has come to the conclusion that bed bugs are nothing more than annoyances to the health of human beings, and it is unlikely that transmission of diseases from bed bugs.

Human beings can experience from bed bug bites, the risk of a secondary infection due to scratching intense bites.

Scratching will cause the skin to break, which allows the entry of bacteria, however these bacteria causing the infection are not bacteria of bed bugs to the bed.
Health experts say that infestations of bed bugs can cause extra stress to the people, because bed bugs may cause discomfort, anxiety, not enough sleep, or even shame.

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