What is the difference between a bed bug bites and the bite of a flea?

One of the more obvious signs of an infection, bed bugs are the bites. However, in those individuals that produce a reaction after the bite, the injury is sometimes very similar to that of other insects that feed on blood, such as for example fleas.

Then, how can you differentiate between the bites of bed bugs and flea bites?

In both cases, it may be that after the bite occurs, a reaction more or less intense, depending on the sensitivity of the person to the allergen-challenged, or even, not to give any kind of reaction. All in all, there are some differences that may assist in their identification.

Bed bugs, unlike fleas, are insects that exhibit a nocturnal activity. This implies that while flea bites can occur at any time of the day, the bed bug will only occur during the night. In addition, in association with this nocturnal activity, bed bugs are often found in the rooms or resting places of the people, while fleas can be found in any part of the house.

There are also preferences in the location of the sting depending on if it is bed bugs or fleas. In the case of fleas, the bites are generally located in the ankles or lower legs. In the bed bugs, the bites often occur on the arms, torso and neck.

The aspect of the sting also has some differences. Despite the fact that the hives that appear in the two cases are very similar (circles, red), the fleas tend to present a point of red in the center that does not have the bug. In addition, bed bug bites tend to swell, such as mosquitoes, while fleas tend not to inflate.

In any case, it is important to find the source of the bites and eradicate it. If you suspect fleas and you have pets, it is important to look good between your hair looking stool flea (small black pebbles) or of the same flea. And in case you suspect bed bugs, inspect well the rooms in search of the typical symptoms of this plague, as the presence of black spots on the sheets or shelters in the seams of mattresses, in cushions, in the crevices of the furniture or in the box spring.

Once you have located the problem, it is essential to initiate a control treatment to eliminate the pest and prevent future reinfestaciones. For this reason, it is very useful to contact a pest control company with experience in controlling this type of insect.

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