Where does come the bed bugs?

The bed bugs and a tour in the time to know where they come from

It is essential to study the history of the bed bug, in order to build a solid base of knowledge. A basic lesson in the history and know where they are coming from bed bugs, it will also help one to get an idea of their life cycle and habits in order to help eliminate them more efficiently.

To know where they are coming from bed bugs, you must know the ancient history of the bed bugs, over the years:

Bed bugs have always been around, historians believe may have existed far beyond the limits of recorded history.
The evolutionary history of bed bugs suggests that these pests could have arisen from families of insects, that fed on the bats. Thus, the history of mankind and the history of the bed bugs, they could have crossed in the ancient caves in the mediterranean where civilization began.

Where they are from bed bugs? It is believed that the bed bugs could have fed our ancestors

Their evolutionary history can be traced back to the ectoparasites (parasites that feed on the surfaces of the body), which have been associated with humans since the Stone Age.
Bed bugs may not have been set out in a single place, as these first humans it is known that they moved a lot to feed and shelter, but life must have come to be much easier for them, once the cities and villages began to be established.
De-donde-vienen-las-chinches The ancient greeks of 400 bc. (for more than 3,000 years old) it is also known to have had dealings with bed bugs.
The documented history indicates that the romans actually ate bed bugs, with some liquid mixture as a remedy for snake bites and other diseases.
Fossilized remains of bed bugs from 3500 years ago, have been discovered in many archaeological sites around these regions.
The bed bugs then came to China and Italy around the year 600, Germany and France in the years 1200 and 1400 respectively. Bed bugs were seen not only in the huts of a worker, but also in the homes real.
The poor classes should have suffered more for bed bug bites, as the “bedding, and the straw that was used to make the beds, did not change with the regularity down in the richest households”.

Where they are from bed bugs and when they came to America?

In America, it is believed that bed bugs may have come from the sea, with the european settlers. The native communities indigenous peoples may have faced the problem of bed bugs, but the first reports show that the insects were certainly very common in the european colonies.
Today, a large amount of research has been done on bed bugs.
Infrared cameras and motion sensors placed inside the rooms, has helped me to learn their habits and life cycle. It is still very important to understand and study the history of bed bugs of bed, as this can give us important clues that can help its complete eradication.

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