Who is at risk of having bed bugs?

Any person is at risk of having bed bugs at home. These insects do not differentiate between race, gender or social classes. The only thing they need is blood, and their favorite one is that of human beings.

The presence of Bed Bugs is not associated with the dirt

Unlike other pests in domestic, the bed bugs do not thrive in dirty places or disordered, so that the level of hygiene of a house, hotel or hostel is not related to your presence.

However, the resurgence of this pest in developed countries is closely related to the increase of the human movement at the international level. This factor favors the spread of passive of the pest to new locations without infecting by a human transport accidental.

Bed Bugs are travellers

We have come to detect bed bugs in the main means of transport: boats, trains, cars, and airplanes. Therefore, although everyone is at risk of having bed bugs, the people who travel frequently are more likely to cross paths on your travels with this parasite and carry it house polizonte.

For that reason, it is especially important that this type of people use extreme precautions when traveling.

Tips to avoid Bed Bugs

Top tips to avoid bed bugs while traveling are three:

  • The first, inspect the accommodation where you will spend the night in search of signs of infection by bed bugs, especially between the sheets, in the pillows, in mattress seams, in the carpet and in the bed (headboard, legs, and box spring).
  • The second, never leave the luggage on the bed, on the floor or on any surface to sit on.
  • And the third, as soon as you get home, wash and dry at 60 ° c all the clothes that you used during the trip, inspect all the utensils, personal, and wash all the suitcases and backpacks.

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