Why do I bite myself but not my partner?


Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on blood, mainly human. Being nocturnal insects usually come out to feed during the night when people are asleep in their beds.

To the bite, bed Bugs inject substances anesthetic so their victims do not realize

Have an oral appliance made up of 4 stylet-like peaks stabbing and is specifically designed to be able to obtain the blood of its hosts Two of these stylets serve to grip the skin, while the other two serve to pin her.

During the sting are two channels: one saliva that it injects saliva of the bed bug’s bite, and another which is absorbed by the blood. The saliva contains substances anesthetic and anticoagulant to facilitate the process of obtaining blood and avoid the guest being aware of his presence.

65% of people do not react to bed Bug bites

The onset of symptoms after the bite of a bed bug depends on each person’s sensitivity to the saliva-inoculated during the consumption of blood. While in some people the allergic reaction can become very apparent and annoying, in others you can barely see the puncture generated after the bite.

In fact, 65% of the population does not show any symptoms. Because one of the signs of infection by bed bugs is the presence of hives or reddish swelling of the skin after their bite, the wide range of possible reactions can confuse people that suffer from this pest in their houses.

In this way, if a person has hives and other not, can come to the conclusion that the bites have not occurred in the home, but outside of him, which hinders the detection of the pest in the home. In this case you have to be very aware that the lack of reaction to the bites do not necessarily imply that you are not developing, but that the agency simply has not reacted to them.

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