10 toxic plants for dogs

Apparently inoffensive, many plants present in our parks, gardens or houses turn out to be toxic plants for dogs. Their bright colors and their striking odors tend to attract us. Some may even have interesting properties for humans. However, we must be careful that our furry do not approach or interest them. They could bite or swallow them, and the situation could become a veterinary emergency. Puppies are more exposed to these dangers than adult dogs. They discover the universe that surrounds them by means of the snout, and they love to nibble or lick everything they have in between. To help you recognize them and thus away from your dog, we leave a list of 10 of these plants.

It is quite common to see a dog eating grass, even when you have everything you need in terms of nutrition in your feeder. Despite being common, as a dog owner we have to stay alert to make sure that he does not accidentally ingest another type of plant that could be harmful to him. If you have a garden at home, it is important to check all the plants that are in it and make sure they do not present any danger to our furry. This includes toxic plants for dogs, but also plants that are not, if we use chemical products for their maintenance. We have to remain attentive outside the home, during walks, whether on the street, in the park, on the mountain or in a forest. The interior of the house is also a place that we will have to adapt to make it “dog proof”. For the plants that we have in pots, or the bouquets that can be given to us.

Symptoms of poisoning by toxic plants for dogs
The fact that you have not seen your dog eat, bite or lick a plant does not mean it has not happened. Therefore, we have to be very attentive to any symptoms. There are many harmful toxins for our friends, as many as types of plants. The main symptoms of toxic plant poisoning are:

Respiratory problems that can reach drowning
digestive problems (diarrhea, vomiting) can reach intestinal bleeding
cardiac problems, being able to reach the infarct
Nervous system problems (seizures, paralysis, disorientation and even coma)
kidney problems, which can lead to the loss of an organ or even death
skin inflammation or skin and mucous membrane rash
What do I do if my dog ​​is intoxicated with a plant?
When in doubt, it is best to go to an emergency veterinarian or contact the National Institute of Toxicology. Trying to stay calm, you have to explain the symptoms of the dog and what you suspect you have been able to ingest. In case of poisoning and poisoning, time is a key aspect. Sometimes you have to help the dog to vomit to evacuate toxins from your body as soon as possible. In other cases it is the opposite, toxic components can be corrosive and further damage the esophagus of the dog in regurgitation. We should never improvise canine emergency specialists and we should always seek advice from a health professional. Maybe you do not know the exact name of the plant that your dog has ingested, or you can confuse it with another one. It is better to cut a small piece and take it with us to show it to the vet.

In such cases, it is totally forbidden to give the dog medicines. Neither water nor food. We have to monitor the behavior of our dog and face the slightest doubt, ask for help.

10 toxic plants for dogs that we frequently find at home and in the garden
Flower Laurel

The flower laurel plantations are as beautiful as they are dangerous. All parts of this plant are toxic and can cause digestive, cardiac, nervous but also respiratory problems.

laurel de flor plantas tóxicas para los perros

Foto: jardinage.ooreka.fr


The gel of this plant cures more than one discomfort in humans. But it is better to keep it out of reach of dogs. In case of ingesting large quantities, they may have digestive or nervous system problems.

áloe plantas tóxicas para los perros



It is said that kissing under a cluster of mistletoe brings good luck. But the berries and leaves of this plant contain substances that can cause vomiting, diarrhea and seizures and even coma in dogs.

muérdago plantas tóxicas para los perros


Another star of the end of the year festivities, the poinsettia is as eye-catching as it is harmful to dogs. Its leaves can cause digestive problems.

Poinsetia plantas tóxicas para los perros


Lily of the valley

The small bells and the sweet smell of this plant can hold the attention of a playful puppy. In some countries this plant is given on May 1st to give good luck. However, it should not be left within reach of a dog since the toxins it contains can cause serious heart problems.

lirio de los valles plantas tóxicas para los perros

Foto: santecool.net

Lily of Peace

We find this plant as an ornament in many houses but the lily of peace can cause digestive problems and irritations in the mucous membranes of dogs (mouth, throat …).

lirio de la paz plantas tóxicas para los perros



Another classic tenant of the houses, the Philodendron (sold even in Ikea) turns out to be very toxic for dogs. If they swallow it, they can suffer lesions in the mucous membranes (bleeding in the gums, excessive salivation) but also digestive problems (diarrhea, vomiting), respiratory (suffocation) and nervous (tremors). Of course, it is advisable not to let this plant enter a house with a dog.

Philodendron plantas tóxicas para los perros

Dieffenbachia plantas tóxicas para los perros


Another ornamental plant very common in homes, its toxicity and the symptoms it causes in case of poisoning are very similar to those of Philodendron.

Rhododendron and azalea

Because very decorative, rhododendrons and azaleas are usually quite present in our gardens. But they are another undercover enemy since their leaves and flowers are toxic to dogs. The effects that can trigger these toxic plants in dogs are very impressive: paralysis, tremors or serious heart problems.

Rododendro azalea plantas tóxicas para los perros



This plant is frequently used to form separating fences between two chalets. It can cause dehydration problems in dogs, in the digestive system and even in the nervous system.

croton plantas tóxicas para los perros

There are more than 700 toxic plants for dogs and obviously this list is not exhaustive. We have decided to group ten of the plants most present in our homes or gardens here. If you know other toxic plants for dogs, do not hesitate to leave a comment under this article!

And now that you have verified that both the garden, the balcony and the house are “dog proof”, you can take a look at these toxic products for dogs.

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