Isle of Dogs: we attended the preview of the latest film of Wes Anderson

Yesterday, we were able to attend the preview of the latest installment of Wes Anderson, Isle of Dogs. Thanks to 20th Century Fox, we had the luck of being able to see the film before it is available in all the cinemas of Spain, and in addition we were able to invite 20 fans of Gudog through a sweepstakes.

If you want a summary in one sentence, we can say that in this film a child looking for his lost dog. Perhaps that is the main plot, but it would be selfish and a little frank so as to reduce the work of Wes Anderson. Or the story is to always, or the dogs are always.

The argument presents us with a problem of course: the flu canine has extended on Megasaki City (Japan), where dwells a society fictitious to that the fear and hatred of dogs has invaded. Kobayashi, the mayor of Megasaki, sort of a way to pop up a exile of all the dogs of the city to the ‘Island of Garbage’. A deserted island that reflects its name passes us: rubble, wreckage, ruins, and dirt. The perfect combination for any dog healthy and family die of hunger or contaminated.

As one who cut a ribbon during the opening ceremony, the mayor sends in the presence of all the people to Spots, the first dog, which will come to ‘Island of Trash’, and the guilty of that Atari Kobayashi, the owner, trip to the dump in your search.

The ironic tone, the music, the drawings and the silences we introduced in the beginning of the frame, a micro universe in the form of stop motion that we do not want to leave. The appearance of the dogs is the one that gives us that sense of happiness knowing that we’re about to see something cool, something good. This is a scene in which two groups of dogs at play “leftovers” that have been found. In those seconds, we understand the role that they will play with the dogs throughout the film.

In each scene we can identify references such as Jiří Trnka or Jan Svankmajer, where the technical quality is spectacular, a stop motion, not the wrong track, but falls in love with from the first moment. In spite of the aesthetics and mise en scene so clean and friendly, and as an author very evident in their images, the background saves the cruelty most potent of all: the human cruelty. Something that West Anderson already showed us in The Grand Hotel Budapest.

However, the dogs are “human” in this story. We understand your language, we know their feelings and empathize with them. The opposite happens with the characters of two legs. To these we don’t need to understand them or subtitularlos. What we know of them is not something so unusual: they have been brainwashed and do not value the lives of dogs, despite having had as a pet for a long time. As a cliché, I could not miss the figure of the cat, in this case well-received by families and eternally estranged from the dog.

One of the aspects that we liked is that the dogs in this film do not look like the dogs that we are used to seeing on the big screen. Are not fools, nor lose the tail for a ball, nor have they been created to bring the kids to the cinema. Perhaps the way to deal with their circumstances make them the protagonists of Island of dogs, in spite of having been abandoned to their fate, do not generate in us a sense of worth. However, it is inevitable to make a comparison of mind with the dogs of the real world that are abandoned every day. With those dogs that suffer from the true human misery.

Although the political message is clear, we emphasize the figure of the dogs in the movie. If you like dogs, you’re going to enjoy. The dogs of Anderson are a few guys rebels, without fears, adapted to their situation, and with a good sense of humor. For these dogs, any time past was better, and even though every day even though most live in the deepest abandonment, reminiscent of nostalgic how their lives were when they were home. When they had masters. Despite the fact that there is something that the protagonists do not lose ever. And is that your condition of dog makes them to continue to be the animal most noble and faithful of all. The relationship of master-dog the see through Atari, the boy who searches for his dog Spots. How a child is capable of risking his life to find his best friend, and how a group of dogs help without thinking to an unknown person.

Although we know that in the world the majority of dogs are mixed-race, if there is something that amuses us is to see how they are constructed and represent the different breeds of dogs when we see them in the cinema. In this case we don’t get too many of them, and maybe miss some japanese breed. Despite that, every emergence of a new dog in the movie is appreciated. The hair, the eyes, the snout! It is a great pleasure to see dogs with actual proportions, the hair is dirty and tangled, teeth messy and the queue despeluchada. Royal dogs with the look of a true street dog.

We encourage you to go to see Isle of dogs in as much as you can. We guarantee that you will not be able to take off your eyes of the screen, the story moves forward constantly, and the pace is very intense. And although you may not believe, also you’ll laugh. We saw it in V. O, and it is a great pleasure to listen to the original cast that has given voice to this story: Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston and Frances McDormand.

If you dare to see it, we’d love to hear your opinion. We look forward to your comments!

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