Travelling abroad with a dog

Travel with your four-legged friend is not improvised and to arrange our holiday with adequate advance notice will allow us to avoid most of the headache. In Gublog since we talked to you about how to prepare your mountain holiday with a dog or the summer vacation. In this article we are going to focus more on how to travel abroad with a dog since they usually need more organization. To cross borders with our hairy we will have to abide by certain laws that can, at times, complicate things.

Travelling abroad with a dog: European Union

When traveling abroad with a dog, not to quit the European Union may be a choice more than right. Both at the level of journey time (we know that many dogs suffer a lot for transport) and at the level of legislation.

  • For travel by the European Union, your dog will need to take microchip. It is a compulsory measure in the national territory but to the hour of wanting to cross borders, we may be asked to provide the documentation that accredits. The microchip has a unique number that will identify the dog throughout its life. In the background is the same for us with the identity card.
  • You will also need a veterinary passport europero (like humans, I have told you) that you can ask for at the vet. In the passport it appears the identification code of the microchip and allows you to travel throughout the European Union and other destinations like Andora, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marin, Switzerland and the Vatican.
  • Another requirement imprescriptible: the dog must have the rabies vaccine. This virus can be spread to humans and in some areas still has not been eradicated. It should also deworm the dog some time before you travel and consult the veterinarian to see the possible recommendations that I could give face to this movement.

And although we stay in the European Union, the free movement of persons still does not apply to pet animals. Some countries, like the United Kingdom, the scandinavian countries and Ireland have regulations quite strict in this respect.

To be eligible to enter these territories, a dog must have completed 3 months and have followed a treatment of desparatisación. The dog must enter the country using a means of transport is not authorized (for example you could not do with a boat on private property). Some breeds categorised as dangerous (such as pit bulls or doges, arp) are not permitted to enter the Uk. You should obtain information well in advance of the regulations in force in each destination, because according to what country, the same dog will be part of different categories, as may be the case in Spain between the different autonomous communities.

viajar al extranjero con un perro

Traveling with a dog outside the European Union

If we move away from the old continent things are complicated. Beyond the hours of journey and the fact that many dogs can not travel in aircraft, the legislation can be quite restrictive. We recommend to inform you in advance of the necessary procedures by asking the embassy or the consulate of the country in question. Some countries require to meet certain sanitary regulations as the quarantine or the performance of medical tests.

In addition to that, you can ask for a laboratory test demonstrating the effectiveness of the rabies vaccination in the dog. The primer veterinary is another important document that will need to be cast to the suitcase. At the vet you can ask for a medical certificate international highlighting of the good health of our friend.

Countries such as New Zealand, Mexico or Japan imposed a quarantine that can last between a few weeks or several months, and the costs of this are borne to your account.

viajar al extranjero con un perro

As it is better to prevent we recommend to contact the embassy or consulate of the country where you plan to go before the close of the trip, which is within the European Union or outside.

The laws are different in each country, and may change with time. A phone call or an email could save more of an annoyance.

It is also appropriate to contact the airline with which you plan to fly, each one has its own restrictions on transport of animals.

And if eventually you opt for a trip without your furry, because it turns out that the journey or the stay would not be to your liking, you know that you can count on the caregivers of Gudog. While you’re exploring the world, you’ll be able to follow the day-to-day running of your friend in the home of his caregiver that he will send you (if you want) photos and videos and you will as well that is what is going on in your vacation.

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