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You have the date set, the rings purchased, the invitations sent out… Almost everything is ready for this big step, to give the “I do” on the day of your wedding but… Because yes, there is a but. And this but it takes two to “r”, it is about your dog. It is a member of your family and you do not imagine this day without him. Don’t worry, your dog may also be in your wedding with this service that they offer to caregivers of Gudog.

Because if it was your dog who to marry, I also would invite

Gudog Weddings has been created thinking of these people who consider their dog as one more of the family. In the same way that you’re going to invite all your loved ones to live at your side this great day, you can not imagine removing your dog from the celebrations. It may well be that your dog takes more time with you than your partner, and while marriages can break, the love of your furry if that is unconditional and forever.

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So that your dog will be one more guest of your wedding, you can always ask a friend or family member who is in charge of your care throughout the day. But you’re really putting this person in a commitment, you will not enjoy this day in the same way and may even in a given moment does not give full attention to your furry. So, if you want both your dog as well as the rest of your guests can let off steam, you can count on the caregivers of Gudog. With the service of Gudog Weddings we take care of finding the best caregiver for your dog in your wedding day. Will the time you need and you’ll be able to take advantage of this time for example to make a photo session with your dog, and thus saving this memory for a lifetime. As the wedding lasts for many hours, at the time that you decide, the carer will take your dog to his house and I will continue taking care so that you can enjoy the dinner, the feast and the wedding night. The service Gudog Weddings is also a good idea as a gift for the bride and groom. You can talk to your guests and include it in your list of wedding!

Tips that all goes well on the day of your wedding

  • Coméntalo with the various parties involved. Whether as guests, photographer, staff of the civil ceremony and/or religious, members of the catering… Maybe some will hit and for this reason it is better to get ahead and explain your choice. Obviously this is your wedding and if you want your dog to be present it will be. If any vendor do not agree it is better that I say that, with advance to be able to find another one. Normally if your guests know you well, you know how important your dog is to you and will understand. If it were not the case, they will also be time to decline the invitation.
  • As all the elements of a wedding, organization and planning are the keys to success. If you want to count with the services of a caregiver for your dog in your wedding day, start to look for it as soon as possible. At Gudog Weddings you will find a form where you can explain more specifically what you need and through which we can contact you to advise you of the best possible way.

  • The D-day all looking, starting with the dog. In the wedding you make a lot of photos, they even tend to hire the services of a professional photographer that will help us to remember this moment for the rest of our lives. In the same way that both the couple as the guests come in their best attire, we recommend you do the same with your dog. We are not strong supporters of disguise, because really the animals don’t enjoy it and feel uncomfortable. But you can think of any accessory discreet as a handkerchief, a bow tie, a tie or buy a collar and a leash special for this day. Remember to give your dog a good bath a few days before the wedding, and if its coat requires it, a hair cut at the hair salon, canine.
  • Do you go on honeymoon and do not know with whom to leave your dog? You can also count on the caregivers of Gudog! While you go to celebrate your love in some exotic place, your dog will be well cared for, receiving all the affection they need to (almost) not missing you.

What has united Gudog

One of our biggest purposes on Gudog is to achieve the happiness of the dogs, when they are home from their caregiver. They are so comfortable and well cared for in your own home, and that they do not lack of anything. It is also a way to make life easier for owners of dogs that are more calm when being absent a few days, knowing that your four legged companion is well taken care of. What we did not expect, is that on our platform ever experience… the love. Perhaps it has happened more times and we have not become aware. But the story of Miguel and Cynthia if we learn and we really loved it. They met on Gudog because she was looking for a caretaker for your dog and the rest of the story we let I count the small family barking that came to form: Luci, Rufus and Pardus. These are the same three brothers that we announced on Instagram the impending wedding:

Luci, Rufus and Pardus #noscasamos #tenemosfecha #bodaperruna #loquegudoghaunido #nosinmiperro #mixbreed #conexionvalenciaasturias #yorki #married #3denoviembre #novemberiscoming @gudog

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If you have also used to your dog accomplice to announce that you were going to get married or if you’re simply going to have him for this great day, don’t hesitate on these days and share with us any photo. We would love to see it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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