What is the annual budget represents having a dog?

We never tire of repeating it, to share our life with a pet is a real responsibility. At Gudog we want to encourage the adoption and we have spoken on numerous occasions of the importance of responsible ownership. Before you decide to enter a dog in our life, we need to think about a lot, reflect on all aspects in order to evaluate if we are willing to provide you with everything you will need. During the last christmas we were reminded that a dog is not a toy and is not to be seen as a gift. Also discussed in Gublog all the advantages of the fact of adopting a dog as an adult. Today we are going to try a topic a little more practical but which also has its importance when thinking about adopting a dog: the budget. Although the two pillars of an adoption accomplished are the love we give to our dog and the time that we are going to dedicate to your well-being, the economic issue is also important. A dog, like all pets, has a cost. It is preferable to know beforehand to be able to ask us questions convenient and see if we can afford the expenses that is going to cause the new member of our family.

Before you adopt a dog, we have to think about the necessary budget to ensure their well-being

Some people decide to buy a dog in a kennel of dogs, or in a specialized store. We prefer by far the option of adoption. Not so much for its cost (a lot of people think that adopting an animal comes for free, when it is not. In most of the cases is asked for a financial participation of the adoptive parent for the expenses vets) but by the values that entails. The protectors are filled with animals who need a home, a family, and that they have a lot of love to give. For this reason we find it absurd to make this world new litters of puppies, out of pure selfishness.

To get an idea a little more clear in the budget that can represent the fact of having a dog, the price comparison Idealo has carried out this infographic. In it we can observe the initial costs that we will have to adopt a dog (our friends, the cats are also represented in this infographic) and the annual expense that we can expect:

presupuesto anual perro

Food, health, hygiene: the annual budget that have to be kept in mind

In this infographic we learn that in power, the annual expense can vary widely between a small dog (163 €) and one large (678 €).

In terms of costs of veterinary, on the basis of a visit control with vaccine against rabies (in the case that everything goes well and our dog has no major health problems) will have to disburse about 55 € a year. In this case the size of the dog does not influences the final cost.

For lovers of cats, to these costs must be added also a part of the budget for the arena, which would be an average of 72 € every year. If, you read well, this budget item is higher than the costs veterinary! What you can remember next time I lazy to go down to the street to take the dog: bags to collect their droppings come out quite cheaper.

It may be surprising but the annual budget to take care of a cat (522 €) is higher than the budget that we will have to devote to a little dog (218 €) or medium (367 €).

What to buy for the first few days of my dog at home?

We have to reserve a significant part of the budget for the arrival of our new friend in the house. The first vaccines and deworming are essential in order to ensure the health of our dog. We will also have to invest in a good bed, a feed trough, a drinker and a few toys.

In terms of power, our advice is for you to inform about the type of food that I ate the dog until then. The sudden changes of food can cause gastric upset. The best option is to continue with the food they are accustomed to taking, and in case you want to change it, do so gradually, mixing slowly. Very useful to buy a lot of food before the arrival of our dog. It may be that the brand of food we bought will not feel well and would be a shame to throw it away. Sweets can be very aided to these early days: the dog has just arrived at a house totally new for him and may be affected by the change. It is important to award your good behavior!

Before you go to pick up our dog to start together a new life, will also think about buying a collar or harness and a leash. The whole should be adapted to your morphology.

Now that we have seen in detail the annual budget, which we expect to take care of a dog or a cat for a year, it is important to remember that money is not everything. Although some expenses are essential, the happiness of a pet goes far beyond a question of budget. We will have to give it time, have patience but most of all, give him a lot of love. These three elements will surely be that the more we have to invest in our dog, and really, they have no price.

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