10 Flowering Trees for You to Fill your House of Flowers!

And to-day without color, umbrella flower”, the flowers color the world of a great way if you stop to admire them. It is a wonderful feeling to sit under the shade of a tree, more still if it is florida, bringing color to the day, and it is about them that we are going to talk about today, the trees provide us with shade and flowers, and the flowering trees.

Cherry japanese

asiática da china budismo árvores com flores

The cherry trees are trees with peeling red that can reach 5 feet tall.

The tree adapts well to any climate, but the more it is exposed to the sun, the more you will flourish.

The beauty of the cherry wood is in its flowers which can be pink purple or white, the leaves also have their charm, they change color according to the season.

In China, its flowers are symbol of drops of blood shed by the samurai in battle.


tons escuros muito cheia primavera

The tree with the stem twisted with bark smooth and light when young and becomes rough and darker as it ages.

In the winter its leaves fall off, giving place to the beautiful flowers fragrant coloring blue or purple.

Tree of lush beauty-a native of Argentina, ideal for afforestation of urban centers.


vermelhas mais belas mais lindas magníficas

Its cup-shaped umbrella and trunk strong little twisted to make your captivating beauty.

Blooms in the spring and in the summer, producing large flowers that may be red or orange. A variation of the species called flavida produces yellow flowers.

It is considered one of the most beautiful trees in the world, but its roots aggressive does not allow its beauty to be seen in urban centers.


roxa violeta clara vileta escura diversas cores

Tree very resilient that can live up to 100 years old, and like cold weather, so it is ideal that live in climates subtropical.

Its leaves have red coloration when new and as time passes they become bright green.

The flowers are arranged in clusters, and are blue, róseas, white or purple.

The delicate beauty of its flowers bring romance to the landscape in which it is inserted.

Pata de vaca

His name is gives because of their leaves that have the appearance of a trodden down by cattle. Its trunk is tortuous and branches in low-bringing good shade, which makes it ideal for reforestation of urban centers. The roots are not aggressive also contribute to the popularity in sidewalks and flowerbeds.

as mais belas magnífica fantástica

Its flowers are large, with colors of pink and lilac, are similar to orchids and have perfume delicate that attracts many agents to pollinators. The flowers appear in winter and last until spring.

Bottle brush

espécies diferentes ideias de tipos seleção incrível as mais bonitas as mais lindas

The charm of this tree is its flowers, with a cylindrical and numerous red stems that resemble the brushes of the bottles, the flowers appear throughout the year but are most abundant in the spring.

In landscaping, it can be used as a living fence, or plant isolated on the edge of lagos, with its clusters of flowers that reflect in the water or can even change it, create a landscape that is elegant and beautiful to see.

Rain of gold

toda amarela galhos diferenciados para decoração de casas

Its flowers give the air of grace in the summer, are drooping clusters of about 30cm long and numerous yellow flowers and large.

Your trunk is a little crooked and the crown is rounded.

During the flowering is the attraction of the garden and outside its shadow is the great attraction.

The raft of the field

árvores frutíferas

Although it is not common that the tree is not very attractive, has great potential for urban tree planting. Its beautiful white flowers that emerge several times a year, make the landscape very beautiful.

The fruits of sweet attract birds and are used by indians for making brandy.


para apartamentos

Small tree with leaves that change color according to the season of the year, its flowers are abundant with colors ranging from white to red. Ideal for climates subtropical, and can reach up to 6 feet tall.

Eritrina chandelier

as mais belas da natureza

Originally from the south of Brazil, it prefers soils damp, and full sun. Its stem is prickly, and blooms only when it is bare of leaves, what happens in the winter.

Its leaves are wide with fine pointed resembling a heart, and its flowers are orange – reddish in shape of the candlestick.

Tree rustic who loves the edge of lakes or streams.



Originally from Asia, loves sun full and is perfect for sidewalks.

Its leaves are elliptical, and its trunk is smooth with tones marmorizados.

Its beauty is in its flowers, crespas with colors that vary according to the species, may be white, pink, purple or red.


cores claras rosinha pétalas claras

Tree originally from Asia, loves the cold, and as a thank you blooms in the winter, simultaneously the fall of the leaves. Its flowers are large , rose-coloured and contrast with the stem, gray, producing a spectacular image.

Magnolia yellow


Sacred tree in India, so it is common to find it near the hindu temples and buddhist.

Has the shape of a umbrella , flowers large and bright.

Its flowers have 15 petals recurvadas at the tips, with multiple stamens, the colors range from white to yellow.

Its scent is strong and spreads in the environment.

Queen of the trees

a maior de todas

Its trunk is rough and brownish. His daughters are large, dark on top and clear on bottom.

The flowers appear throughout the year, but with more intensity in the spring and summer. Its flowers are long stamens bright red with yellow spots that contrast.

Wheel of fire

minha favorita

Originally from Australia with bark rough brown-gray.

Its leaves are shiny and ribbed, well marked.

The beautiful flowers are tubular in the color orange-red, arranged radially, forming a disk.

Its lush beauty asks for a large space, in order to be appreciated.


flores amarelas decorar jardim árvores ornamentais

His name means cascuda, has 10 species that varies only the color of the flower, the most common are yellow, purple and white.

Blooms in winter to early spring, the more cold and dry, more intense flowering.

At the time of bloom, color the landscape in which it is inserted, creating an image graceful.

Flowering trees are a work of art of nature that bring colour and perfume to our lives, my favorite is the magnolia tree its beauty discreet is awesome, and you? What you like the most?

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