10 Ideas for Fruit Trees for the Garden of Your Home!

Nature provides us with sensations amazing how to take bath in the sea, to admire the landscape or enjoy the taste of a fruit.

Have you ever stopped to think about the fruit? What really are the fruits? In this post we are going to talk about some of the fruit trees.

The fruit

Not all trees produce fruits, only angiosperms, the fruit is the ripening of the ovary of the flower, which contains the seeds.

The fruits have the characteristic taste of each single tree. Below is a list of beautiful tree that produces delicious fruits.


as mais deliciosas como é a flor flores

Family myrtacae the guava tree occurs spontaneously in almost all Brazil, it is versatile in relation to the soil, it tolerates both soil moist as dry and has a high natural regeneration because of the help of the birds to spread their seeds.

With the trunk winding, branched, and smooth the tree can reach up to 10 metres. Its crown is irregular and sparse, with leaves simple and opposite, which can reach up to 13cm.

The flowers are white and showy, the fruits are berries with shell yellow and pulp white or red with many small seeds and very hard.

Bloom from September to November and fruiting occurs from December to march.


jabuticabas dicas de frutas toda preta as mais deliciosas

Tree elegant with slow-growing that it takes on average 10 years to bear fruit, after that is fruitful once again, not for more and productivity increases each year.

With the trunk branched and cup in the shape of a pyramid, the adult tree can reach about 15 meters height.

During the spring arise from the stem, many small flowers, and white that cover it almost entirely, while the leaves fall is when the pollination.

After pollination, the flowers are replaced by small green fruits which when ripe are black.

After fruiting its bark smooth renews itself.

Apple tree

maças flores dicas frutos

The apple tree can measure up to 10 metres in height, with the stem brown and smooth, the flowers white or rosy, and rounded crown, produces a fruit that is sweet with very nutritional value.

Need a minimum amount of cold during the year to produce its fruit.

In addition to large, the apple tree is also a tree very long-lasting, can last up to 50 years.

With its rounded crown, the apple tree produces a pleasant shadow for sunny days, perfect for a family picnic.


uma boa pedida como são as flores

Small tree that can reach up to 6 feet, have narrow leaves and long green color of course.

The peach tree can last up to 30 years, but their productive life will up to 20 years on average.

At the time of the flowering peach tree is a true spectacle, with beautiful flowers that range from white to red.


laranjas dicas de árvores sugestões o que plantar

Tree of small size that measures around 8 metres, much branched with a rounded crown. Ideal for homes with backyards small, because they are not very spacious, they produce a shade hot and exudes a pleasant fragrance.

The trunk has bark greyish and the leaves of an intense green that release their perfume when crushed.

Already the flowers are fragrant and feel it without having to crush them. They are white and small, with your pollen the bees produce a honey of excellent quality.


verde sobremesa docinha madura

A tree tall size that can reach up to 30 feet, with leaves ever green, and berries that range from yellow to red.

Its crown is rounded and varies from low to dense to upright and open.

Its roots branched have variations that deeper in the soil, which provides good support and survival lasting long periods of drought.

The hose has male flowers and hermaphrodites, their flowers are arranged in clusters branched in the form of a pyramid with a number of flowers variable.

Produces few fruits in relation to the amount of flowers. Fertilization is not efficient because it is directly affected by climatic factors.

Fruit – custard apple

dicas de frutas uma delícia

The tree measures about 8 feet high, its trunk has a bark brown – grey, and branched from the base. The tree grows in the vertical direction, bringing a little shade.

The leaves are dark green and the flowers yellowish, grouped in group of four.

The fruit I know of for the ninth, but many know by the fruit of the count. Its flavor is sweet and a little acid, and their appearance is nearly spherical and covered by scales.


fruta do abacate espere amadurecer

Large tree that can reach 20 metres of height with its trunk straight and bulky.

Leaves glossy in dark green is a tree very common in backyards in the city or in houses in the field.

In the time of flowering, it produces numerous small flowers, and hermaphrodites.

The fruit with bark that ranges from green to brown has a pulp creamy and fruity, which involves a great seed. It must be harvested green and wait while mature slowly to eat.

Mamoeiro or foot of papaya

café da manhã vários juntos

Its height ranges between 2 meters and 10 meters, its stem is weak and fibrous, and the large sheets and cut are on the crown of the tree.

The mamoeiros are divided into trees, female, male and hermaphrodite.

Men have inflorescences with a stalk long and stamens where it produces and holds the pollen, the pistil, which is where the egg is housed, is stunted and does not work, the mamoeiro male does not produce fruit and produce is deformed.

Trees, women, and produce flowers with tassel-short, the pestle works perfectly, but to produce the fruit it needs pollen from a male or a hermaphrodite, since they lack the stamina for it. For this she needs the help of insects. Produces fruits rounded and grooved.

The hermaphrodites, have a flower complete and can autofecundar and produce the pollen for the plants to females. The fruit of the tree hermaphrodites, are elongated and with grooves.

In addition to delicious fruit, the trees provide us with oxygen leaving the air more pure, the shadows that amenizam the heat of hot days and beautiful landscapes.

Who doesn’t like to stroll in a park surrounded by trees and fresh air?

I could do this all day, have no better feeling than to sit under the shade of a tree reading a book and enjoying the flavor of your fruit.

But and you? What he likes to do with the trees?

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