20 Tips BEAUTIFUL Flowers Ornamental for Gardens and Pots

Find an item of decoration that give joy to the place, it is easy to find, an item that can be used in various occasions, whether it be for decorations more simple, such as the home, used in the day – to – day, to the parties more elaborate, at home, as birthdays, anniversaries, get-togethers, noivados, or even to the super festivals that are held in specific places for this, like weddings, graduations, corporate parties and so on.

What all these situations have in common is an item that must be included in its decoration, which are the flowers! Yes, they have the power to soften an environment, leaving it more beautiful, joyful and energized.

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The flowers give the place the good energy that nature provides, they give a touch completely special, because they have several variations, and cover all tastes and preferences. There are specific types for every occasion and place, for example, you can opt for a little vase with a single flower, as a flower of the field, daisy to leave on your desk, in your place of work, a vase of violets, or mixed flowers, to leave your house, and you opt for flowers, ornamentals to make your event, your decor of the party even more beautiful!

Speaking of flowers, ornamentals, they can be found in several flower shops, houses, flowers, shops, landscaping and gardening and even in companies that carry out the decoration of events, if your goal with the flowers is for a party, it can also be an option to choose.

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This type of flowers can cause a feeling of the type: “I have no idea of how to choose flowers such as these” but is not that difficult, this is because when you are choosing which flower to use, regardless of the situation, someone will assist you. Another point is that you always tend to search for references, either in their own shops, on the internet or with the people around you.

As well as any other type of flower, they have different types and species, and consequently, various color options.

Speaking of values, why are flowers more “refined“, they have a higher cost than the other. But all the investment in these beauties worth.

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Now meet a few of the types of these flowers, their species, colors, and what are the places in which they fit best.

  • Love – perfect: a flower very delicate and attractive, has a great variety of shapes and colors. They are showy and large, and bloom more in the winter and in the spring.
  • Azalea: are flowers too well known, have a large variety of colors and sizes, they tend to blossom in all seasons of the year, except spring.
  • Antúrio: a flower with many species, it is widely used for decorations of home. This species is best with higher temperatures, so the best seasons are spring and summer.
  • Amaryllis: a flower that has popularity, mainly due to its cultivation in pots, their flowers are very showy and has a foliage which may or may not disappear in the winter.
  • Begonia: flowers more refined, that have different colors, they tend to be found in the autumn.
  • Beak-parrot: are red flowers, very large, which can reach up to 3m in height, are commonly used for christmas decorations, it is a tropical flower, which is best with the spring and summer.
  • Earring-princess: a flower that has various types, highly sought after by the hummingbirds, they have many colors and types of support, as some are more outstanding than others, are flowers easy to grow, as they tend to bloom throughout the year.
  • Bromeliad: there are many species of bromeliads, both of colors and shapes, can be used both in pots as in the garden and its flowering happens more in the summer.
  • Camellia: camellias are flowers very attractive, are part of the family of flowers, of green and black tea. Are large flowers, of a few colors: red, white, róseas or two-tone. As we prefer the weather mild, their best seasons are spring and autumn.
  • Carnation: carnations are the flowers that symbolize the men, are large flowers and well scented, and there are in the colors: red, white, yellow and pink. They are the flowers of autumn.
  • Calanchoe: it is a species that gives many flowers, of different colours, such as orange, red, róseas and yellow. Are you’re very attractive and durable. It is not a type of flower that supports very low temperatures, but it is in the winter, because it is not well with the heat.
  • Flower-of-may: it may not seem like it, but the flower – of – may is a type of cactus without thorns, the flowers appear on the ends of the articles, which give way to cacti. They can be róseas, yellowish, red or white.
  • Gardenia: a kind of flower beautiful, their leaves are bright and the white flowers, which, with an time conquer in a shade of cream. Are flowers that bloom easier in the summer.
  • Gerbera: gerberas are flowers very colorful and cheerful, this on account of their color (pink, orange, yellow, red). They bloom very well in the spring and summer.
  • Hibísco: the hibísco is a flower of great variety, the flowers always come alone and have as a main color tones of red, pink and white. They are flowers that tend to bloom all year.
  • Jasmin: it is a flower that appears more white in color, has a scent very steep and is full of force, power and volume, it is more found in the autumn.
  • Lily: lilies are beautiful flowers and lush, there are the lilies, the traditional all white, and those who possess the kernels colored, they are most commonly found in the summer
  • Narciso: it is a flower of resistance to cold, and has various types.

Do not hesitate to choose a flower like this for the occasion that you want. Is to leave in your living room or in the decoration of your wedding. They are beautiful flowers, give life to the place in which they are embedded and sure to attract attention, because they are different, escaping the common people are accustomed to.

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