Astromélia: White, Red, Pink, Yellow (PHOTOS)

Very common, but little appreciated, the astromélias hide a lot more beauty than people imagine. Initially all hit the eye and see a flower common, but this species, in addition to being easy to find, it is extremely versatile, and with many options on the market that suit various tastes.

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Its versatility begins in the shape of its petals. The external have a more rounded shape, while the internal is more pointed; this lack of symmetry gives that flower a format that is beautiful and exotic. In addition, it can also have more than one color in their petals, showing some of the details to encourage them, and with small spots. Another important point of the astromélia is that, unlike many other flowers present in the nature, in its stem is more of a flower, giving it the appearance of being more full, alive and delicate. Below the flowers are some leaves, creating a rustic appearance, and the divine for those who appreciate flowers.

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The name may be unusual, but surely, at some point of your life, you have faced a astromélia. This cute is simply the second flower more sold in Brazil, is it the normal you find at least one in the house of some friend. As well as a large part of the flowers, they present different colors and patterns. One characteristic that stands out among the others is that you will not find a astromélia of only one color; all with two or more tones present in their petals. In them you will see small dots internal, similar to sparks. The colors create a contrast; for example, a red flower will have yellow spots with spots yellowish, thus creating the effect of growth on the plant. They are found in the following shades: white, pink, orange, yellow, lilac, wine and red.

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Another distinguishing feature of the astromélia is that it is part of a select group of flowers with the color of blue primary. And when we say blue, we don’t talk about pulled in to the purple, and yes, turquoise or dark blue. For those who want a ornament that bring liveliness and brightness to the environment, or in the case of brides who like to keep the tradition of the blue, the astromélias are great options. For lovers of flowers, it is important to stress that they need special care, mainly related to climate, temperature, light, and fertilization. Getting the care ideals and attention, the astromélias grow and develop wonderfully. Avoid planting it along with the other flowers, because it hurts the growth of it – yes, it is a plant somewhat selfish. They are plants pretty, they symbolize friendship, happiness and longing, for this reason are widely used for gifting people or taken the visits to loved ones.

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One of the uses of this type of flower is to make bouquets, especially the bouquets of brides. The result usually is very colorful and vibrant, but depending on the decision of the bride can also be more discreet and suited to a more traditional wedding. Another possibility for those who want to include the astromélias in the wedding is the bouquet. Not to get in the sameness of one color, you can mix different shades, which creates a unique composition and different; just take care to mix the colors with symmetry, and not end up with a big circus in the hands. Combinations that give right: purple and white; orange and yellow; yellow and red; white and blue.

These plants are a bit sensitive to pests diseases. Be attentive to the appearance of caterpillars or aphids. Do the pest control suitable to keep your flower healthy and strong; this is going to do with that she does not miss the life. Opt for the application of insecticides, natural or organic, thus not injuring the very nature of the plant. Do not forget that the insecticide in excess can also harm the development of their flower, therefore, moderate.

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