Characteristics and properties of Carlina acaulis

Carlina acaulis

The Carlina acaulis is a plant with great properties and health benefits. Many people employed in yesteryear as a hygrometer in weather prediction. It is a plant that is associated with a legend of the history of Charlemagne. With it you can make an infusion and benefits for the health.

In this article we will focus on explaining the characteristics and properties of the Carlina. Do you want to know what are they?


Propiedades medicinales

It is a plant with a stem rigid, and evergreen. Can measure up to 20 cm in height. Almost flush, glued to the ground, springs from a rosette of leaves clipped and thorny, and bracts broad and fleshy, from a strong resemblance to those of the thistle. The floral head is located in the center of the rosette.

The fruits that are obtained from this plant are called achenes , and has the features of not fade. It is able to maintain the freshness and beauty always. In some places in the world is consumed as a vegetable. Over-harvesting by humans has made this plant endangered.

Collection and properties

Carlina acaulis sembrada

Collects the root, cleaning it with care, and by removing the green parts. It is left to dry at temperatures of about 35 ° c and stored subsequently in air tight bags.

In terms of their properties, are given to applications in eruptions of skin against the plague, inflammatory and antipyretic against intestinal parasites. This is because the active principles of the plant have a 50% inulin, and essential oils. If you make an infusion with this plant will have benefits because it is a diuretic, stomach, and diaforética.

In some countries it is used as a culinary support. If we are to benefit from their medicinal properties, so we must only make a prepared by boiling the roots of Carlina in wine or vinegar and use that liquid on the surfaces affected by eczema, mycosis, or other skin conditions.

As you can see, the Carlina is a plant with good benefits to have in your home.

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