Diseases of Aloe vera

Aloe vera enfermedadesThe Aloe vera or Aloe Barbadensis Miller, which is also known with the name of aloe vera in some countries, is a plant that is normally grown in areas with a subtropical or temperate, among which is included the mediterranean and does not require a large amount of water to survive.

Thanks to its huge amount of properties, the aloe vera is a plant that is used for many products.

Most common diseases of Aloe vera

Planta de Aloe veraWe can also say that in the world, is an approximate of about 250 varieties of aloe, but only about two or three of these, are those that possess all of these properties.

In the same way that happens with the rest of the plants, the aloe vera in spite of her resistance may be prone to attack by certain pests and diseases, that’s why today we are going to mention the most common.

Among the diseases and problems that can affect the aloe vera we can mention the following:


These are small insects belonging to the family homoptera, the size of these is quite small and its color can be different depending on the species. Are the cause of a variety of serious problems for the tremendous growth that they have, which means that these reproduce very fast.


These insects are tiny, they tend to be a nightmare for the plants, since they used all parts of the plant as their food source, in this way cause damages which are very severe and cause death of the plant.

White fly

Despite the fact that this small insect has wings, it can be quite harmful and it feeds off of how voracious of aloe vera. The greatest amount of damage is produced from the eggs as larvae that leave the adult flies and having the ability to fly are spread very easily.

Beetles millers or also called flour

The name that you have these small insects is due to the white color that they have and usually they are confused with the mealybugs despite the fact that they are not. Use the triangulations of the plant as their food.

For the treatment of diseases of aloe vera

Aloe veraIt is important that we can the leaves of aloe that are wilted or that have a yellow color, for that we can use scissors to prune. We must also remove the leaves that are badly affected with insects.

After that you have to spray the plant with the help of a strong stream of water so that the insect pests remaining are fully eliminated.

Some of the pests mentioned above can be removed simply with water. The mosquitoes of the fungus usually are hiding under the ground, so if this floor we have it in a pot or container, it is important that the turn away from other plants that are not contaminated with insects.

Once this is done, we remove the insects that remain with our hands. We can rub the outside of the stems and the leaves with the help of a cotton swab.

When we have already removed the insects of our path, we have to place a special tape to catch insects, that is the adhesive a yellow, near the aloe vera plant so that we can catch the flies as well as mosquitoes in their adult stage.

We spray our aloe vera plant with some insecticide that is registered for use on houseplants and follow each of the instructions on the label for the dose of application.

This is a process that we must repeat at least every three or four days for a couple of weeks to be able to eliminate the insects in their adult stage, which hatch after application of the sprays. A spray of oil can be of great help to eliminate the mealybugs as the insect-scale, as this product is responsible of smothering the insects.

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