Flower Antúrio: Meaning, Cultivation, Decoration, Trivia, Photos

If you like flowers, surely you’ve noticed the beauty of the Antúrio right? Leaves heart shaped and vibrant colors draw attention to this plant is about her that we will talk about today.

Characteristics scientific

  • Popular name: antúrio
  • Category: flowers
  • Order: alismatales
  • Family: aracae
  • Genus: anthurium species
  • Fruits: not
  • Edible: no
  • Etymology: anthos – flower ourá – ass.

fotos de flores


When you look at the plant, all imagine that the flower is the colored part of the plant, in fact, the flower of the antúrio is very small, comes to reach the size of a pin head is yellow and comes out of the ear.

dicas de flores

Ok! So what is the colored part?

It is a clever move of mother nature to attract insects and agents, pollinators, happens when the flower is not very attractive.

When the flower is discreet and without attributes, the nature creates sheets differentiated close to the flower to attract insects, these sheets gives if the name is unknown. The whole of the work is unknown, stem and flower) give the name of inflorescence.

The inflorescences of the antúrio can have colors varying between red, white, pink, green, black and ridged with purple or pink. In Brazil, the most common see are the white, pink and red.

de todas as cores


Despite being known for being aphrodisiac, because of the cob upright and flowers in the shape of a heart, the meaning of it goes a little bit far from it. The flower of the antúrio means, hospitality, authority and luxury.

Are gifts given to mature women, because they represent trust and fortune.

as mais lindas


It is a very versatile plant that does well in pots or gardens, indoors or external and requires minimum care.

Must stay in a cool, well-lit and away from sunlight, for the sun burns the plant. To blossom you must stay in the shade. If you choose to use it in an internal environment, keep it away from air conditioning.

The antúrio need moisture, the ideal is that it should be watered every 2 days, and at times wet once a week, does not leave the soil dry and not accumulate water in the small plates to prevent the proliferation of fungi and rotting of the root. On particularly hot days, spray water on the leaves to keep your beauty and natural glow.

Avoid tap water because of the chlorine, use the water from the rain.

como cultivar

Do not leave the plant exposed to temperatures below 15ºC, if you live in places of low temperatures, opt for vessels, to be able to put into the house and shelter from the cold, but if you have in the garden, cover the plant with plastic bag or cloth is suitable.

The fertilization of the antúrio should be made every six months. The egg shell dry can be used as fertilizer.

Arrangements with anthuriums can last up to 60 days in a vase with water, the water should be changed every two days and together with the exchange of the water in the stalk should your podado.

Hint of gold: can the stem under the faucet, so the plant does not feel the cut and keeps it moisturized.

belíssima plantas flores diversos tipos modelos da moda as mais bonitas flores do dia para jardim decore eu jardim poder da natureza

How to use in the decoration

Can be used both in the decoration on the vessels and arrangements of the cut.

To plant in a pot, prepare a mixture of one part of the earth, a sand and two of the organic compound, placing a good layer of stones in the bottom to drain the excess water of watering. Adube every 15 days and replante every 4 years, take advantage of the replanting to increase the vase because it is a plant that is very spacious.

Keep in a well-lit place and NEVER leave the land dry.

Antúrio in feng shui

Feng shui is the art of organizing and purify the home by using energy and nature.
According to the feng shui energy of the antúrio is related to the expansion and success, therefore should stay in the office or in the gua work.

Antúrio in the religion of umbanda

Religion makes use of the flowers too often, it is to adorn, to do spiritual cleansing , to honour an orisha or to give to the entities.

The anthuriums are preferred by Exús, which are entities of light who rule the night.

flor anturio


  • In 1992, in the novel global stone upon a stone, the plant was a success in partnership with the heart-throb Fabio Jr.
  • Reaches a maximum of 1 metre high.
  • Its leaves and flowers are poisonous, containing calcium oxalate*.
  • In some species the leaves are more attractive than the inflorescence because they feature ribbed in contrasting tones creating drawings amazing.
  • It multiplies by seeds, by cuttings and side by division of the stem. The first inflorescence arises one year after planting.
  • It is the second tropical flower the most marketed in the world, behind only orchids.
  • In nature there are more than 900 species of anthuriums.
  • With its leaves dark, the antúrio has the power to suck up ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene and, therefore, they are famous for purifying the air making it a good option for the work environment.
  • There are reports that the plant likes to pee as a fertilizer, make a mixture of 3 parts water to 1 of pee and water the plant.
  • It is considered to be one of the flowers with larger unit value by the Ceagesp – Companhia de bonded Warehouses and General Stores of São Paulo.

The nature in its perfection created the flowers with beautiful colors for coloring the world and gave to the insects and pollinators the task to paint it.


We know that not everything in life is flowers, but when it is, pour them, making their world a place more light and colorful.

Already providenciei my vase with anthuriums, he will stay on the coffee table in the living room and your?

*Calcium oxalate (CaC2O4) – found in antúrio , are crystals with great biological significance when ingested in small amount cause burning sensation in the mouth and throat, swelling and choking, the symptoms will last for up to two weeks.

Ingestion of large amounts,occur discomfort in the digestive system, difficulty breathing, coma and even death. Recovery is possible, but the liver, and the kidneys are affected permanently.
Therefore very careful with children and pets.

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