Flower Gazânia: How to Plant, Cultivate, and take Care! + Meaning

This beautiful flower is a plant with a height of approximately 10 to 30 cm, sometimes up to 50 cm tall. Its petals have intense colours, vibrant and varied, and, curiously, these petals close at night or on days very cloudy.

Plants are hardy, withstanding many times poorer soils, sandy soils and even somewhat saline. When planted together, can form a beautiful landscape, kind of like a carpet in the garden. It can also be easily grown in pots or planters.

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The Gazania has african origin, being a herbaceous florífera of small stature that has a large amount of flowers, supporting the hottest of days and even periods of drought. Thus, it is a plant ideal for those who often forget to water their plants, for example. The Gazania also has leaves of two colors: green and ash.

What draws a lot of attention to this kind of flower is that the bottom center is of a tint too strong, but that has, however, the same color as the rest of its petals, giving an astonishing appearance and very pretty on the flower. Usually this color varies from bland to red, using all the possible variables between the two.

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How to plant Gazania

Although they are plants considered to be very resistant, the Gazanias need to be grown in a soil well fertilized and rich in every kind of organic matter, carried out specifically under the sun and should be watered initially with a higher frequency.

  1. If you are planting your Gazania in a construction site, arrange for cleaning the same, removing any weed, for example. If it is a vase or jardiniere, ensure that the same are with all the appropriate holes for water drainage.
  2. Place the earth and the fertilizer and mix sand, regardless of whether this soil is hard or clay. Will love you to the land of the construction site, vessel, or dungarees, already with the sand, and make a hole of 15cm at most.
  3. Plant the seedling of Gazania in their graves. The Gazania multiplies easily, because it divides, giving rise to a new plant. Therefore, when it is placed in a vessel, for example, this should have enough space for one more two or three plants.
  4. Drizzle your Gazanias ensuring that the soil remains moist in the early days by at least 15 centimeters below the earth, but nothing in excess, only enough to ensure this humidification. When you realize that the plant is already growing, watering should be back to normal.

Their irrigation recommended should be made only when you realize that your soil does not already contain any moisture. Touch the earth to make sure it is dry, or if it still has some moisture.


What the season of its flowering?

When we consider the regions of colder climate, the Gazania is often bloom in the late spring or even summer until the beginning of autumn. Already in hot climate regions, like Brazil, can flourish throughout the year, since in appropriate conditions of planting and cultivation.

When it is planted, usually it blooms in 60 to 90 days, considering the suitable climatic conditions. For this reason, are considered as well as perennials when in regions of subtropical climate or tropical, like Brazil.

What care should I have with Gazania

As already mentioned above, the Gazania is very easy to be taken care of, since it is a plant very resistant to cold climates and dry, but there are some cautions that must be observed to ensure the health of the plant and nice blooms, such as:

  1. Renew your garden every 5 years at least. The Gazania certainly live much longer than 5 years, but, however, this time, the plant will already have a port of considerable and is probably producing few flowers or almost none. It is exactly at this moment that you may be able to extract the seedlings of the plant for replanting. And there is nothing better that a complete renovation of your garden, doesn’t it?
  2. Promotes proper irrigation of your plant, avoiding to leave the soil completely dry. We know that the Gazania is resists to periods of drought, but leave it in this state, without reasons, will not result in anything, after all, the plant will not bloom and may even collapse in extreme cases. So, take good care of your Gazania, irrigating correctly. Remembering that the extreme will not be beneficial, quite the contrary. The water drainage should be adequate. If the soil is damp, don’t irrigate. If you are starting to dry out, drizzle in the plant.
  3. The soil in which you intend to put your Gazania must be correctly prepared to receive it. This preparation means putting in the soil a fertilized with organic fertilizer, which will cause your plant to be able to withdraw from the soil the nutrients necessary for your prosperous growth and subsequent flowering. Even when the flowering starts, you should add to the soil a fertilizer rich in phosphorus. This will stimulate your Gazania the flower more still. The Gazania is very fond of light, of the sun, but nothing in excess, or you may burn it.

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Important details of their cultivation

The Gazania is also known as a kind rustic and countryside to plant and exactly for this reason its incidence is greater in areas of the field. By be extremely tolerant to low temperatures, its cultivation is usually more indicated to the South of Brazil (he loves the sun, of light but not necessarily heat).

Some times, it will be necessary to reduce acidity, excessive soil, through the use of limestone to achieve a pH near 5.5 to 6.5 at the maximum. If you need to propagate the plant, this can be done at any time of the year by seeds or by the division of the plant.

Liked the Gazania? This plant is ideal for flower mostly flower beds, but also look very beautiful in planters and pots. Are easy to plant, where its seedlings can be placed directly at the location where the plant will live until adulthood. Keep the soil properly irrigated and ready, your plant will blossom like never before.

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