How do I keep my potted plants die?

Flores en maceta

All that we plant we hope you are well during all the time it takes, but sometimes a simple error in the culture can make that our illusions are lost as we see the leaves fall prematurely, or spend months and/or years, and we don’t see growth either.

Well, for that do not pass these things we can take a series of measures. So if you’re wondering how to keep my potted plants die, put to the test our tips. 馃槈

C谩mbialas pot

Planta de interior

This is one of the most important things that needs to be done. We tend to think that plants that we buy in pots can be in those same containers, which is a mistake. And is that, normally, that are offered for sale have already rooted well; so once you buy and carry home we will have to move them every 2 or 3 springs. In this way, we will continue to grow.

Water them whenever they need

Regadera de pl谩stico

Irrigation is one of the tasks of growing fundamental for everything to go well. But as important as water is to water in well, ensuring that the entire substrate is soaked. In addition, we need to avoid excesses, because otherwise the roots will rot quickly. For this reason, we must check the soil moisture before picking up the watering can, by doing the following for example:

  • Introducing a stick of thin wood to the bottom: if it comes out almost clean, will mean that the soil is dry and which, therefore, needs to be watered.
  • Use a moisture meter digital: can give guidance, but I advise to introduce them in different areas (closer to the edge of the pot, closer to the plant) so that we can be truly useful.
  • Take the pot once watered and again at the end of a few days: the wet soil weighs more than dry, so this weight difference will help us to know when to irrigate.

On the other hand, the best irrigation water is and will be the rain. If we can’t get it regaremos with water without lime or acidified (by casting the liquid of half a lemon in 1l of water).

Treat them with natural products

Guano l铆quido

Guano liquid

The plants, in order to be healthy, and be able to fight against diseases and pests, they need natural products. Insecticides and other chemicals are good for extreme cases, but we cannot forget that they are toxic to the environment, and also for ourselves. To avoid problems and to achieve to produce fruits of high quality, or they grow to their natural rhythm, the deal with organic products, and ecological. And here you have a list of items that you speak of it:

  • Natural remedies for pests
  • Natural remedies for yeast
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Diatomaceous earth (fertilizer and insecticide)

Invest铆galas a bit to know where to put them

Suculentas en maceta

Before you even buy a plant there is that you know where you have to put in, since there are some that are for sun, others for shade and other shade. That’s why, if you have any questions you can ask at the nursery, or if you prefer we do a photo and we send it to our profile on Facebook to that we will say where it is advisable to put it.

All in all, sure that you’ll be able to enjoy a home or patio spectacular. 馃檪

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