How is the strawberry plant?

Fresas en el huerto

The strawberry plant is one of the most recommended to have in a macetohuerto or in a small. Due to its reduced height and size which is easy to handle and can become the perfect excuse for both the kids as most older people have contact with the world of gardening and, in particular, a plant’s horticultural as this.

So I am not going to extend further with the introduction, and we will enter as a full article to explain what are their characteristics and their care.

What is their origin and their characteristics?

Planta de fresa

The strawberry plant, known as wild strawberry or strawberry wild and their scientific name is Fragaria vesca. It is native to Eurasia and reached 20cm of height. It is lively -live several years, and estolonífera. Forms a basal rosette of leaves trifoliate, with toothed margins, bright green by the beam and paler on the underside. This rosette also arise stems creeping, called stolons, that produce adventitious roots where they will have other plants.

The stems, flowers sprout from early spring (April in the northern hemisphere) to early summer (June in the northern hemisphere). Each of them is composed of five white petals, five sepals, and a score of yellow stamens. It is hermaphroditic.

The fruit is in reality a thickening of the receptacle floral, being the dots that are on her truths off.

How do you care for?

To finish, here’s a care guide:

  • Location: outside, in full sun. You can also be in partial shade (if you have more light than shade).
  • Earth:
    • Pot: culture substrate universal (you can buy it here).
    • Garden: it is indifferent, but it has to be rich in organic matter and have good drainage.
  • Irrigation: 3-4 times a week in the warmer months, and slightly less the rest of the year.
  • Paid: from spring to summer with an organic fertilizer, such as guano, or the dung of herbivore (cow, goat). You just have to know that if you are in a pot should be liquid.
  • Propagation: by separation of stolons and by seeds in the spring.
  • Hardiness: it is resistant to cold up to -7ºC.


Enjoy your strawberry plant 🙂 .

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